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Jeff: You say you would consider adoption. Why not just do it?

Well gosh "Casey", maybe because there is already a WAITING LIST of couples waiting to have children -- I explained the adoption situation in my response to you here, which I gather you didn't bother to read, or chose to ignore because you didn't have an answer. Also, how do you know what Jeff plans to do? What are YOU doing to help children in need? Oh, that's right, you don't have to do anything as long as you support killing children prior to birth, yet you think that Jeff must adopt a child because he doesn't believe in killing them? Are you against rape, "Casey"? Yes? Well, are you taking in rape victims in need? Are you helping at rape crisis centers? I hope so, because if you don't, using your own rationale, you aren't really against rape.

I see you believe in the death penalty. Interesting....what age group do you have to be in? If an eight year old killed a baby would it then also get the death penalty?

"Casey", I guess you can't actually discuss the issue so you go off on tangents. Do eight year olds get the death penalty for killing someone? No, and you know darn well they don't. Personally, I am against the death penalty, but I can understand how someone could be pro-death penalty and anti-abortion. The people on death row were granted a trial and found to be guilty of a heinous crime -- the unborn don't even GET a trial, and what crime have they committed?

I may be a spoiled 'child' but you are a fuddy duddy. Lighten up.

Hmmm... "lighten up" - I guess you think you're previous comments about how you would kill an infant are supposed to be funny?

You said "any woman that would consider giving a child a plastic bag to play with, or playing pinata with a newborn, is simply not the kinda woman I want in my life". I'm not in your life and I found that comment strange.

Certainly not as strange as a woman who sits in someone's guestbook, bragging about her desire to kill children.

Personally, I think men should have no say in the abortion matter

Oh REALLY "Casey"? Then I guess you reject Roe V Wade, right? After all, it was a group of MEN who gave you your precious right to abortion. So "Casey", maybe you can explain why you think men should have no say, yet you don't have a problem with a bunch of men giving you the right to an abortion? How about male abortion doctors, who get paid to kill women's unborn children? Oh yes - you don't mind men having a say unless they disagree with you, right? Oh, and you do realize that men are more likely to be pro-choice than women, right?

If your fiance got pregnant and then got a condition where only one of them could be saved, who would you pick?

Golly "Casey", abortion has always been legal to save the life of the mother (self defense). So what is your point?

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