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you say kids should be allowed to be born to a bad environment, does that mean a woman can have one just to torture it?

No Casey. Just because I don't support killing children prior to birth doesn't mean that I think the mother should then be able to torture the child. Perhaps you can explain your logic to me -- you say that kids should not be born into a bad environment, and thus, we should kill them prior to birth, and somehow, you see this as humane? What about born children who are in bad environments, should we kill them? If not, then why is it ok to kill them in the womb? I don't want children to be born into bad environments, but the answer isn't to kill those who we think might be born into one.

if i was forced to have one i would i would not be nice to it, maybe put it to bed with a plastic bag and hope for the best or throw it in a trash can or maybe use it as a pinata.

Well aren't you a nice caring person. Ever heard of adoption?

but that would be much kinder than an abortion, huh? if

Well, let's see -- suffocating a child with a plastic bag, or burning the child to death with saline, or ripping the child apart limb from limb, or, as in the case of partial birth abortion, pulling the child half way out of the womb feet first, jamming scissors into the child's head and sucking the child's brain out. Hmm...I don't know Casey -- why don't you explain to me which of these methods do you see as the "kindest?" Is it okay, then, in your view, to kill people as long as you believe the method is "kind?"

people want them fine just don't force the issue. your pictures were quite nice! thanks for the wonderful graphics which did nothing to change my mind.

What graphics are you talking about? I don't have any graphics on my site for the purpose of changing people's mind on abortion, so perhaps you could explain what you are referring to?

why don't YOU put ads on national TV that you will pay mothers $10,000 plus medical bills and adopt all those 2,000,000+ babies every year?

Ah Casey, I guess you weren't aware that there ARE more than enough parents to adopt children in this country, but thanks to a ridiculous system which actually prohibits thousands of eligible and fit couples from adopting the children, we have parents who are aching to adopt, and children who need adopting. It isn't a matter of there not being enough people who want to adopt, it's a matter of government red tape. The answer is to FIX the system and get the children to the couples who want them, NOT kill the children prior to birth. Perhaps I should find the transcript from the December 28, 1999 John Stossel report which detailed this. The show also showed how completely unfit biological parents (child abusers and such) get their kids back specifically because of biology, how the children in the system are treated like property where the biological parent has ownership of the child, and the welfare of the kids be damned. Golly, I wonder why kids are being treated like property? It couldn't be because legalized abortion essentially makes children disposable property, could it? It couldn't be because of people who brazenly state that they'd kill their own child after birth, would it?

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