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One day maybe you will be pregnant & penniless and you wont be able to turn to fuckin' god

So if someone is pregnant, she can't turn to God if she chooses?

because in the REAL WORLD you have to sort out problems for YOURSELF in a SENSIBLE WAY.

And what is a sensible way to you? Having an abortion? This entry seems to be a response to Angela's post and my response. Rather than countering my points, you prefer to yell. Is this constructive?

Not EVERYONE wants to HAVE an abortion


but to them it is a better OPTION than having to put up with a sceaming baby that they didn't want in the FIRST PLACE. If god had

I see, so if you don't want to deal with a screaming baby, you may as well kill him/her via abortion, right? What a loving attitude.

anything to do with women getting pregnant/giving birth then how come MEN can't give birth as well - because all you religious people seem to go on about what a 'great man' he is

Can you please tell me where I mention God in any of my statements about abortion? If you are so upset with men, do you have a problem with the MEN who gave you the precious right to abort? Do you have a problem with MEN who dump a woman if she becomes pregnant? If you bothered to read my page (which I doubt you did), you'd see that I discuss abortion from a feminist viewpoint, rather than a religious one.

wouldn't he have chosen to have at LEAST been of the sex that BRINGS LIFE INTO THE WORLD? KEEP YOUR ROSARIES OUT OF OUR OVARIES!!!

Ah, the typical "bumper sticker" type argument. Here, I'll chime in the same way: EQUAL RIGHTS FOR UNBORN WOMEN. Can you please explain how rosaries relate to any of the abortion material on my page?
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