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i like the way you 'Pro-Life feminists' have to go back to the 19th century to show that *other* Pro-Life feminists exsisted,

Are you saying that pro-life feminists do not currently exist? Who are the members of Feminists for Life then?

we are nearly in the 21st century & i find it laughable for you to have to go back as far as that to 'prove' that yr not really just some religious group

Can you point to where I, or Feminists for Life, make a religious argument against abortion? In addition, pointing out that many of the early feminists were pro-life has nothing to do with proving or disproving whether my abortion beliefs are religiously based.

set about to end abortion completely. i don't know whether you heard about this but a young girl of 15 fell pregnant as was actually PAID by a catholic priest to KEEP the baby & NOT have an abortion,

Oh HANG ON - that is FALSE. They didn't PAY HER not to abort - she had already decided to NOT abort and they gave her money for necessities, such as baby clothes! Her family was not well-off, and they went to the Church for help. Are you suggesting that the Church should have ignored her? Pro-choicers tend to scream about pro-lifers not helping women in need, but when they do, people like you cry that they are paying her not to abort! Tell me Angela, when the family asked the Church for help, what do you think they should have done? For more information on this case, please see this excellent article: Bribery for Babies. I was planning to write something about this myself, but I never found the time. I think it's time that I did find the time to write something.

she was paid something like 2000 which is a hell of a lot of money to a 15 year old especially. i found the whole matter completely shocking & disgraceful - to, with no shame, BRIBE a young girl into not having an abortion!

Maybe you should find out the facts before making yourself look silly? The girl had decided NOT TO ABORT, and the Catholic Church gave help to a needy family. The hypocrisy of this situation is truly amazing....pro-lifers are wrong if they don't help, and they're wrong if they do! If the Church turned their backs on this girl, can you imagine the reaction? Are you suggesting the Church should have turned her away? I guess all the people who are willing to help pregnant women so they don't abort for economic reasons are "bribing" them?

did she want this child? no.

Yes she did, which is why she had already decided not to abort. Facts can be such annoying things sometimes, can't they? What do you think about the fact that this young girl has had her situation blasted all over the world by pro-choice groups, in their attempt to try and demonize pro-lifers and the Catholic Church for the horrible act of helping her? Do you think the pro-choice groups had her best interests at heart when they decided to exploit her situation?

will she still want it when it's born? no.

How do you know?! Are you saying that you know what she is thinking? Are you her?

will she grow up feeling resentment for the priest? yes. feeling stupid for being BRIBED into having a unwanted child? YES.

For goodness sake, she wasn't bribed! Shall I assume that you are against people giving aid to pregnant women in need?

what is the point of having a child you didn't plan for?

So only "planned" pregnancies should be carried through? Plenty of people don't plan their pregnancies, but that doesn't mean the child isn't worth anything. Or do you base a person's worth on how much someone else wants him/her? Are you saying that women are so cold-hearted that they could never love or want a child who wasn't perfectly planned?

what if a woman was raped? would you still expect her to have the rapist child?

Rape is a complicated issue which I am not going to delve into here, but the child isn't any less human because some pig assaulted the woman. In addition, rape cases account for less than 1% of unplanned pregnancies, so how does this justify abortion on demand for any reason?

! what about sexual assault on young girls, would you expect them to have the baby if it was say, their FATHER whom got them pregnant?!...

Are you aware that many times, the abuser takes the girl to get an abortion to cover up the crime? He can then continue to molest her!

i thought/believed feminism to mean PRO-CHOICE.

Not if you are a pro-life feminist.

the way i see it is as it's either Pro-Choice or NO CHOICE. yes, abortions are nasty, harrowing, depressing things to have to have, do you really believe women have abortions for the hell of it?! NO.

Did I say that? No.

it's because they are DESPERATE. all sensible women take precautions so as NOT to get pregnant, but if ,by chance, these methods happen to FAIL what are they expected to do in the world of Pro-Life? have the unwanted child? live their whole life resenting that child for ruining their life?

So, what you are saying it that a person's worth is based on how much one other person "wants" him/her. In addition, many mothers do not resent their unplanned children. In fact, studies show that the "wantedness" of a child and subsequent abuse are not related whatsoever. Of course, when pro-lifers try to help women in need, you scream that they are being bribed.

is that what you really want to see happen? not only is all types of contraception there for a reason, it also serves a purpose to society - if everyone that had sexual intercourse didn't use contraception (because of religion or because it was banned or whatever...) see how overcrowded the world would be!

Can you tell me where I say that people don't have the right to use contraception? In addition, much of the current population increase is due to medical advances which keep people alive longer.

Countries like the US & UK would turn into overpopulated, 3rd world countries due to lack of goverment funding for all the new children being born.

So your answer is to kill off the unborn because the mother *might* not want the baby? Do you support killing off other classes of people because such actions might reduce the population?

abortion is there when a woman is desperate NOT to have a child, she probably DID use contraception

Some do, and some do not use contraception. Many of the people I know personally who have had abortions were not using protection.

but not all contraception is 100% faultless, she needs to be able to have a CHOICE

The choice to kill her offspring? The choice to kill off someone she deems as unworthy and not equal to her? How odd... women were oppressed because they were seen as unequal, and now you suggest that "true" feminism warrants women turning around and oppressing their own children.

not all women who fall unexpectadely pregnant do get abortions, but it's the fact that there is at least a CHOICE of whether to or NOT. that is what is important.

I don't believe one should have the choice to kill their unborn child.

i think any woman interested in the welfare & health or women should understand that & respect it. abortions are horrible experiences but we should set about trying to IMPROVE abortions & abortion clinics,

So, do you speak out about cases where women die from abortion? I hope so.

making them MORE woman friendly & safer & less painful, we should set about helping each other to discover NATURAL abortion;

Whether an abortion is "natural" or not doesn't change the core issue.

herbs & medicines that induce abortion. we shouldn't say that abortion is BAD & should be stopped/made illegal because women will STILL have abortions anyway.

People will always break the law. Does this mean we shouldn't have laws? Maybe if society didn't paint all women who have unplanned pregnancies as horrible mothers who resent their children, like you have done here, maybe if people like you didn't yell "bribery" when people reach out to help women in need, the stigma of unplanned pregnancies would be reduced and women won't feel like they must or should abort.

they'll just be far more dangerous, unhealthy & unpleasant. i hope you have understood some of my points? i don't want this to be read (or ignored even) & then forgotten - i speak as a

As you can see, I did not ignore this.

young, modern, concerned feminist woman. i also can't help but feel that a lot of these sentiments for Pro-Life come from religious ideas,

Mine does not.

i know a few religious groups are Pro-Lifer's and i don't think religion should have ANYTHING to do with womens welfare today, most religions are sexist & misogynist anyway

Oh? Then should we abolish all religiously-based aid groups?

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