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Stop Abortion Clinic Violence

Stop the Violence Increase the Peace I am a pro-life woman, (I am not pro-choice - some people have e-mailed me believing I was pro-choice) and the bombing of abortion clinics angers as well as upsets me. In addition to the direct damage bombing causes to the surrounding area and people, such violent actions discredit the pro-life movement, if the bombings were indeed carried out by someone who is anti-abortion. Such violence goes against everything the pro-life movement stands for, yet many people see such violence as an accepted method of pro-lifers. The pro-life movement is completely against using violence for the purpose of ending the violence of abortion. Pro-life individuals have consistently spoken out against violence, and an official anti-violence pro-life group, the National Coalition for Life and Peace, has also been formed to speak out against such violence.
ProPeace Following are the official statements of the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) and Women and Children First condemning the use of violence at abortion clinics by those who claim to be "pro-life." True pro-lifers like myself abhor such violence and are sickened to see others ruin lives in the name of "pro-life." Abortion clinic bombers are NOT pro-life! I don't care what they call themselves, and I refuse to let the peaceful pro-life movement be ruined by such people. No group should be judged on the actions of the radical fringe - especially when these radicals are going against what the group stands for.

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Stop the Violence!

For Immediate Release:
Saturday, October 24, 1998

Women and Children First Condemns New York Abortion Shooting

Amherst, NY -- Women and Children First, a pro-life project on the Internet, sternly condemns the shooting of an Amherst, New York abortion practitioner. Women and Children First directors Sally Winn and Steven Ertelt today released the following comments in response:

"The shooting and cold-blooded murder of any person is morally and ethically wrong. We extend our deepest condolences to the family of Barnett Slepian.

"This repugnant act is exactly what the right to life movement has been against for years. Vigilante acts of violence such as this are reprehensible because no one's right to life should ever be denied by another person.

"We are already hearing reports of the irresponsible accusation of those in the pro-choice movement that this action was taken by pro-life supporters. This is clearly an attempt to politicize this difficult time for the Slepian family.

"Authorities do not know who is responsible and no one who is truly pro-life would commit such senseless anti-life violence. Instead, we ask the pro-choice community join us in assisting authorities in any way possible to find this perpetrator and bringing him or her to justice. This is the most responsible thing we all can do on behalf of Slepian's family.

"Eric Robert Rudolph, responsible for bombing a Birmingham abortion facility, is wanted by the FBI in connection with other bombings. Rudolph is not nor has ever been a part of the pro-life movement. This is likely the case again where terroristic activity, having nothing to do with the pro-life movement, is being focused at those who perform abortions.

"In past years, Canadian abortion practitioners have been shot in the same manner at approximately the same time during the year. Clearly these terroristic acts are the efforts of an individual who cares nothing for the value of human life and certainly doesn't represent the pro-life ethic held by many millions of people in both countries.

"Invariably someone in the pro-life movement gives 'apologetic' comments when responding to situations like these. Anyone who is glad Barnett Slepian was brutally killed because he will no longer be able to perform abortions is both morally and factually wrong. Morally wrong because taking life is anathema to everything we believe. Factually wrong because ridiculous acts of violence do nothing to stop the violence of abortion."

For further information contact ertelt@prolife.org or sally@prolife.org.

For Immediate Release:
Thursday, January 16, 1997


Today's bombing of an Atlanta building which houses an abortion clinic is deplorable and reprehensible. The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) strongly condemns this action. No sane pro-life person could be involved in such an act; violence only hurts the cause of the unborn child. We ask all people who want to save unborn children to join NRLC in using peaceful, legal means to bring an end to abortion.

David N. O'Steen, Ph.D., NRLC executive director, stated, "NRLC strongly opposes any use of violence as a means of stopping the violence that has killed more than 35 million unborn children since 1973. The goal of National Right to Life is to break the cycle of violence which includes abortion, not perpetuate it."

The National Right to Life Committee has always been involved in peaceful, legal activities to protect human lives threatened by abortion, infanticide and euthanasia. We have always, and continue to, oppose any form of violence to fight the violence of abortion. NRLC has a policy of forbidding violence (or any illegal activity) by its staff, directors, officers, affiliated state organizations and chapters. NRLC's sole purpose is to protect human life.

It is false and offensive to suggest, as some pro-abortion groups have done, that speaking in favor of the right to life somehow causes violence. Such a suggestion is like blaming the civil rights movement--and all those who courageously spoke in favor of the rights of African Americans--for the riots or deaths that were a part of that era.

NRLC will continue to work in educational, legislative and political activities to ensure the right to life for unborn children, people with disabilities and older people. NRLC will continue to work for peaceful solutions to social problems. These solutions involve helping women and their children and do not involve violence against anyone.

The National Right to Life Committee is the nation's largest pro-life organization, with 50 state affiliates and 3,000 local chapters.