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Pro-lifers Speak out against Violence

The following quotes were taken, with permission, from my e-mail correspondence with other pro-lifers after clinic bombings (alleged to be motivated by pro-lifers) in January 1997.

"Every human life is of infinite value, and that violence against human life in any context is wrong, whether it be the death penalty, war, abortion or killing by poverty."
Rose Evans

"As to the bomb, it's pretty nauseating. These people couldn't do a better job of cheapening life and diverting our attention away from saving children if the pro-aborts were paying them."
Kelly Jefferson

"The life of an abortion clinic worker is no less sacred than that of an unborn child or a pregnant woman. Abortion clinic workers are every bit as human, as good and as bad, as anybody else."

"It's so frustrating and frightening -- isn't there anything we can do? Or do we just have to sit back and watch these sickos ruin lives in the name of something we believe in?"
Jen Roth

"But the most terrible thing about violence against abortion providers is that it can hurt and kill them. Their lives are sacred, too!"

"NO MORE VIOLENCE -- Inside *or* Outside the Womb!"
Christopher J. Hinkle

"Pro-life means EVERYBODY's life"
Jen Roth

"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent" (an Isaac Asimov quote)