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Adopted People Speak Out

I received the following e-mails from people who are adopted. These stories were posted with the authors' permission, in the hopes that people will choose to give a child up for adoption instead of having an abortion.

If you have something you would like posted here, please e-mail me your story. Information will be kept anonymous if you wish.
Anonymous - received April 1999
I am a 17 year old adopted girl born December 27, 1981. I was adopted by my parents when I was 10 weeks old from a foster mother who took care of me until the adoption which was March 15th. Since then, my parents, believing to not be able to have children, have added to my incredible family two brothers and two sisters-- three being triplets. I know limited information about my birth parents, only that both my birth parents were short (resulting in a 4 ft 11 1/2 child), and my birth mother was adopted also.

Being an adoptee, I am totally against abortion (for obvious reasons) and am so incredibly thankful to my birth mother for having the courage to give me up. I think that giving up your child takes incredible bravery and love and I want to thank every birth mother who has ever given up their child-- for having enough courage to do so. You have given your children a chance to live and have life. Thank you.
Kristy - received November 1998
My name is Kristy and I am 17 years of age and live in British Columbia, Canada. I was born April 8, 1981 at Victoria General Hospital and was adopted by my two loving parents shortly after birth. My birth mother was 18 when she conceived and my father, 17 years. They were both in college and gave me up for adoption as they had no means of taking care of me at the time. I have a sister who was born three months premature, weighing just shy of 2 lbs. and was nearly aborted by her birth mother, a drug addict. Her dad, the mother's boyfriend, was in no state to care for their "accidental" child either. Her father was my mom's nephew. My mom tried for legal custody of my sister, Patricia, as soon as Leah (birth mother of my sister) gave delivered. Since I was a young child, my mother (adopted) took me to anti-abortion rallies and one day we went to try and save just a few young lives, Leah shows up and nearly aborted her child, my sister. I am so thankful to God for my sister as she is my best friend and confidant. I could have been aborted just like my sister and I am beyond grateful for my biological parent's wise choice, to give me up for adoption instead of cutting off my life as a baby.
Kristy [silver_rose3@hotmail.com]
Morgan - received October 1998
I am a 14 year old female from Texas. I was born on February 24, 1984. I was adopted at one month old. My birth mother was 13 at the time that she had me, and my birth father was 17. She couldn't take care of me at the time so she decided to put me up for adoption. I was 2 months premature and weighed not even 3 pounds at birth. My adoptive parents could not conceive children so they decided to adopt me even though I had quite a few health problem because of being premature. I had colic for the first 6 weeks they had me. My brother who is 12 was also adopted. His birth mom was 15 and was on drugs and Phenobarbital in her system, so he had it in his also. He was one month premature and weighed 5 lbs. Our adoptive parents had to feed him 1 oz. of milk every hour on the hour and that was all he could drink for the first month or so. Our family now is wonderful and I would not trade it for anything EVER! Thanks for listening.
Mandy - received June 1998
On June 1, 1969, my birth mom gave birth to me in Seattle, WA and put me up for adoption. From the information that I have she was 13-15 years old and my father was a college student.

My mom and dad couldn't have kids of their own (they later adopted my brother) and my husband is adopted too. And now as it turns out, my husband and I can't have kids of our own.

We are looking forward to adopting children and believe that is the path that God chose for us. Do I think about my birth mom? Yes I do. I just wonder more if I am like her. I couldn't have had better parents. There are so many ways I am like my parents. I have a temper and lots of common sense like my dad. I worry and am creative like my mom. I grew up in a Christian home with lots of pets and a brother. My mom and dad sacrificed a lot to give us kids a great life!

My mom has two thoughts about me --
1. If they could have had kids she would have given birth to me.
2. I did not grow under her heart but in it.
The biggest self esteem booster for me is that I was chosen. God had and has big plans for me. For all the women out there who are considering adoption, I would like to encourage you to go through with it. There are lots of parents-to-be who would love to love, cherish, and nurture your baby. Your baby will grow up and think of you and will always always love you for giving them life! :)

Mandy Gagnon

Stephanie - received February 1998
On May 26, 1981, a baby girl was born unto a young woman who could not provide for the child as she wanted to, and so gave her to loving Christian parents who could raise the child in a home that would give her hope and love and faith......

That child is me. 16, almost 17 years ago, I was given up. And everyday I give thanks to God for my parents, both of whom I love dearly, and I give thanks to God for my older sister who is a blessing to me. I love Faith so much and there is not a day that goes by that I don't realize how precious life is and how both my sister and I could have been aborted, brutally killed.

I grew up in a Christian home, with love and compassion, and parents that would do anything for my sister and I. My parents were unable to conceive and I am glad that my birthmother was smart enough to give me up. Otherwise, I may not have had an older sister to look up to or to love, may not have had the chances I have, may not have known God as I do.

Many people don't get second chances. I have gotten second chances. Once when I was a baby and again, my sophomore year in high school. Many girls get pregnant, under the age of 18. And it is sad. Alot of people think, "What is the world coming to?" It is coming to what we make it to be. Alot of teens go out and party. Some girls sleep with guys, for the fun or rebellion of it. Some do it, because it brings them close to the guy, they are looking for that oneness. Well, all I can say, is that it makes me want to cry when girls, mere children like me, must seek love in the arms of boys, mere children. I have been there and seeked that "oneness", but it was never there.....and that is because it does not exist. And, bringing children into this world in a scenario like that is not good, but don't go abort it. I am not promoting teen pregnancies but what I am saying is, is that EVERY child born unto this Earth is WANTED and God has a PLAN for that child.

I once heard this comment and it shook me. It went like this: "You ask God why He hasn't sent a cure for AIDS and other fatal diseases. How do you know He hasn't and you have aborted it?"

Thank you for your time and patience.
God bless you and everyone who reads this.


Anjali - received 1997 Dear everyone,
I'm an adopted child and I'm very happy to be adopted. Though sometimes I feel sad and wonder who and why. My adoption was not open because it was international. I strongly oppose abortion!!! I think that I could've been aborted that scares me. I know life is precious and it is a gift from God. Yes adoption is better then killing someone. I have two wonderful parents and cool sibs. I know no one in my family or friends think less of me for being adopted. They say I'm even more special cause I was chosen and I was a gift. Well that is all I wanted to say !!
15 yrs adopted Anjali

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