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Support Paula Jones Lavender Ribbon Campaign

I am tiring quickly of people saying that the Paula Jones case is nothing but some "right wing plot" - that's like saying the Anita Hill case was a left-wing plot! If women truly want sexual harassment stopped, then we must ban together despite our political differences on other issues. Unfortunately, groups such as NOW (National Organization for Women) seem to be more interested in their own political agenda than with womens' rights, as was proven by their April 22 announcement, stating that they were not supporting Paula Jones' appeal because the "right-wing" supports Paula Jones. Gosh - I didn't realize that NOW only gave support to people based on who else supports them!

I have received messages from women who are not "right-wing" who support Paula Jones, and I have included some of them here, with their permission.

I suggest to those who say that this is something contrived by the "right-wing" to read the following comments from those who are certainly not "right-wing"! NOW may not support Paula Jones' appeal, but NOW does not speak for all women, and certainly not for the liberal and conservative women I have spoken to!

Once again, shame on NOW! The truth is, they never did represent ordinary women in this country, but this was a chance to prove themselves. In fact, they did just that, proved once and for all, that they are and always have been, an elitist organization that mainstream women could not identify with. What a shame, because it was such a noble and necessary cause I have written to NOW, and as I told you before, responded to their [the reigning feminists] appearance on Meet The Press.
A. W. Ban, Michigan.
This person did not want her email address posted here - any comments directed to her can be sent to carolyng@free-market.net and I will forward them to her. She has given permission for this to be done.
I am neither Gen-X [age 56], nor a Republican. In fact, I have been a liberal from way back and certainly a feminist, though not a radical one. In any case, I voted for Bill Clinton twice and like his political agenda. I say this so that you and your collegues will know that this is not a political issue for me.

I am stunned by the April 1 ruling and came on here tonight looking for a website to show support for Mrs. Jones. I never saw your site before, but applaud you for your stand. I won't make a speech [Well, just a short one!] because I agree with your analysis of the case as stated in your website. Bottom line: If this is not sexual harassment, then what is??

The honorable judge's opinion, notwithstanding, he was her ultimate boss, she was on the job, the act was waaay over the top for sexual overtures on the job, and how could she not suffer because of it? The judge's statements about happening only once, and what a "reasonable person could endure" are ridiculous. A jury should decide this. She was denied due process. I am outraged for her and all women - for we have all "suffered" a severe set back at the hands of a female friend of Bill Clinton's.

I was willing to leave this to the judicial system, but now we must all take a stand. We, [I did, anyway, you might have been in high school ;-) ] stood with Anita Hill, why not Paula Jones? By the way, I sent just that message to Anita Hill in response to the Meet the Press appearance. The feminists have been dismal in their response to all of these cases. Because of "larger issues?" What is larger than supporting all women in this struggle? And don't even talk to me about Gloria Steinem!!

Keep up the fight. More should join you now. Back the APPEAL.

A. W. Ban, Michigan.
This person did not want her email address posted here - any comments directed to her can be sent to carolyng@free-market.net and I will forward them to her. She has given permission for this to be done.

As a registered Democrat who is not a right-winger, I do support Paula Jones. I am upset how the Democrat attackers (i.e., Carville, etc.) have trashed Paula and now distant the Feminist groups have been. There is much more support for Paula than the so-called Pols indicate!
How sick this country and the women in it have become. First, I am ashamed that the women put Slick Willie in office. And shame on the men for letting them. Now, he will keep on and on and on disrespecting women and poor Paula hasn't a chance. Where is the moral fiber that we built this country on? We kick a gal out of the Air Force, let the pilots run "amuck" in hotels and talk about punishment; but let the army guy go free and, we let the commander- in-chief do as he pleases , and, of course, he and his wife love to spend the taxpayers' money and live in power; so they stick together and stay slimy. I cannot hardly think about him without getting nauseated, and cannot watch him on T.V. Is money and success in this country so important to everyone, without considering the ultimate end? The anti-christ would have a "field day" with our present morality and priorities. I am sorry Paula Jones, that you can't even get your day in court. Just remember that "vengence is mine sayeth the Lord". Stay strong and remember he'll get his one day. Good luck! (p.s. I'll never believe that Vince Foster took his own life; and, I also believed Anita Hill.)