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Paula Jones

Anyone who read my negative mail regarding Paula Jones might conclude that I don't receive support regarding this issue. In actuality, there are many people who support Paula Jones! Included here are some of the comments in I have received in my guestbook and via e-mail in support of Paula Jones and her right for a fair trial, the April 1, 1998 ruling and the appeal decision.

Please note: I believe I was able to contact all those who sent their comments via e-mail to get their permission to post their comments and/or name.

I would like to thank you for supporting Mrs. Jones. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Jones and her family for the effort they have made to expose this corrupt evil person that occupies the office of the president of the USA. God bless you all. and GOD bless america.
Dear Paula,
From the first moment I heard about your suit LONG ago, I knew you were telling the truth. I was so afraid that you would settle, and let Clinton get off the hook for what he had done to you. As of yesterday, I heard that you were going to try to reinstate the lawsuit. Go for it. Don't let the media or the money he may offer to get this swept under the rug stop you. I know you've gone through a lot. I am a Christian mom of 3, and have kept you in my thoughts and in my prayers, for your strength. It must be hard, but hold on. Don't let him get away with his lies. We believe what you've been trying to get others to believe for years. Hang in there! You have friends.
Sincerely, Linda Rossi
Portland, Oregon
After all the horrible things Clinton's "spin doctors" put you and anyone else through who stands in his way of fooling all the American people, I wish I could convince you NOT TO SETTLE your case against him. You are the one who has brought his horrendous character and deep disrespect for all women to the forefront. If you settle now, he can continue his arrogant "carrying on with country business" stance which looks real good to a lot of people now. He is so anxious to "put all this behind him" and wants us all to just forget about it. I know how strongly I feel about it -- I can't imagine being call "trailer trash" and having my name dragged through the mud for so long by this sociopath.
Hello, I have been thinking a lot lately about Paula Jones. I use to work in machine shops. I am a woman. I am no beauty queen, but I don't think I am that bad. In factories where Men are Men, I have never had any problems. I have worked in shops where I am the only woman out on the work floor, the rest were in the office. I don't know if the men here in Cincinnati are different than in Ak. but, they'd tell jokes and b.s. about sex. If they got to raunchy, I'd say you guys are getting out of hand, and they'd tone down. I honestly don't know what I would do if a boss or co-worker exposed himself to me. I am a small woman, and I think I would try my best to do harm what he was showing me! I think the only way that Paula could've proved he did it was bite that thing. Wouldn't that have been great! I don't care if Paula lived in a trailer park or not, lots of Americans do. Here was a man that she respected, trusted, he exposed himself to her and ask for head. If it had of been me, believe me when I say he would have never done that to another woman after me. I would have made him scream! I would have tried to bite that thing off his body and let him explain that to his State. Yeah, I probably wouldn't have to go to jail because he would've been to embarrassed to repeat what had happened. America isn't what it was 10 years ago. Mr. Clinton didn't inhale, and Monica didn't swallow. Can you imagine taking a dress to your MOTHER that had Clinton's sperm on it. NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT THIS, CLINTON DISRESPECTED OUR COUNTRY! I watched Betty Ford on t.v. the other night and she made a remark about Hillary, she said she was an enabler to Bill, maybe not those words, but that is how I took it. I think so too after a lot of thought. I am just glad that my children are grown and I don't have to explain to them what all this means. I think that Hillary should publicly flog Bill and Monica on pay for view, give the money to her favorite charity. I would pay to see it. If it were my husband, I would insist on AIDs test. Pack his sh** and tell him to get! I needed to get this off my chest.
Please let Paula Jones know that despite what the Congressmen from Massachusetts say, there are a great many of us here that believe her story and support her continued persual of the case against Clinton. If the Congress will not impeach him, then perhaps the only chance for justice lies in this case. Don't give up!
Whatever you decide, Paula, my husband and I would like to thank you for bringing this all to light, and for sticking to your guns, in the face of humiliation and ridicule. We appreciate your determination and courage. Good luck!
Paula should hold Clinton's feet to the fire until he is found guilty or innocent by a jury of our peers not his. It would be tough for anyone in Paula's position to decide what is the right way to go, settle or bring sick Willie to court, but whatever she decides Paula will need the support of all free Americans for she will never receive a drop of sweat from the liberals, or the politically correct nitwits that claim to be free people.
Those of us who are believers of a Good Moral code are behind you. No Human Being should have to contend with the treatment you have. Our love and stregth are with you.!
Paula You look great, too bad you're married! If it doesn't work out you can come up to Toronto and stay a while!
I wish I could take away the pain; that's not possible. I support you. Our legal system, works. You are a part of that. We are speaking out and good will come of that. I'm not a smart man, but right is right and we will move forward.
John [focbc@mail.kaien.com]
Dear Paula,
You are one of the most brave American lady I've ever know. At this moment I only want to say THANK YOU for you are able to stand out and say 'no' to that bad power guy, Mr. Clinton, and so brave to challenge so many difficulty of doing this. Sorry about my limited English. I have only a intranet web page which is inside the company's firewall, so public can't reach it. But I believe you and will support you. Thank you again
Minny Guo [mguo@chevron.com]
I am certain that Clinton will use the settlement to weaken the case against him for impeachment. I believe Paula Jones and always have. The conduct of the President regarding his testimony and the testimony of others in the Jones case is central to showing his abuse of power. I hope that Paula Jones, whom I respect, will at least consider the implications that a settlement will have on impeachment. Bill Clinton is unfit to be president and should be removed. In any case, I wish all the best to Paula Jones.
Alfred Lee [pianotune@compuserve.com]
I think you're doing a great job in trying to help Paula Jones. I just heard on ABC news today that Paula Jones started the whole thing with the Clinton Lewinsky scandal. I couldn't believe my ears.. but then again it was the typical news media quick sound byte which was glossed over and never challenged by anyone. Clinton has been exposed ( pardon the pun ) for being the liar and sleaze that he has always been. I unlike many people read the entire deposition filed by Paula Jones and it had so many details in it to be simply a "made up story " Good going on your web site.. Good for you.
John McShea [aikotoba@hotmail.com]
I wonder, Carolyn, does Paula get to read any of these messages? I sure hope so, and I'm praying she takes the advice of those who beg her to NOT SETTLE!!!. We gotta get this guy to trial - I'm certain, when that happens, that people will see him for what he is and he'll get his due. Please, Paula, don't settle. Take him to court!! I know it's probably easier on my end to preach, but I'm hoping you'll take heed of these messages. Thanks, Paula.
Jackie [jacki@boulder.nist.gov]
Thanks for maintaining a page where Paula's friends and supporters can vent their spleen at this dog of a president. Like so many others, I hope Paula will not settle for a quick buck on this matter. We do need to move on however, but to impeachment preoceedings. clinton has all the morals of a goat and I am ashamed of what he has done to our great country. As a popular bumpersticker says; 'Nowhere but in America would our veterans sleep in the streets while a draft dodger sleeps in the White House'
I have read much of your home page today and I think you have expressed yourself clearly and fairly.

I am a Republican and did not vote for Mr. Clinton, however, I have always followed the Jones case as I felt there was hypocracy being expressed on the part of Liberals.

I feel strongly about the right of Mrs. Jones to her day in court - or now as they are reporting a settlement. I would not advise her to accept without an apology - although I am in a comfortable position to say this and not in her position.

As sure as the sun rises everyday, the likes of James Carville and Bob Bennet will begin trashing her name before the ink is dry on her settlement check. I can sympathize with her plioght but I feel she has a grand principle in practice her and the evidence and opinion is going her way.

If you know of any way to get this e-mail message to her, I would appreciate you passing my thoughts along.
Thank you,
Mark , Pittsburgh, Pa. [psuae@aol.com]
Since the news is consuming me regarding Bill & Hillary's constant lying..I find myself sending e-mail to Senator's, Congressmen and people like Paula Jones...I have listened for 5yrs now on how Bill & Hillary have lied, cheated and stolen from America and America's People..It is so offensive and so Blatant I wonder why they are still in office. Paula Jones and her family have been put thru so much I hope she HOLDS OUT for an APOLOGY from this creep of a man. She needs to go on TV with her family and let people know what this has done to her life.. Infact I wish all the women he has destroyed would go on together and just let this country see what kind of monster we are dealing with. Thank God for Ken Starr, he deserves a medal he has continued to find the truth against all odds..HOLD OUT...DON'T GIVE UP NOW..GOOD LUCK
Janet Nottingham
As a victim of sexual harrasment, I have a strong resentment for Clinton. What really ticks me off, is that he has his fund raisers financing his legal fees and fines for the Paula Jones law suit. I want to know who these perverts are!
Dear Paula, I am the mother of 3 grown daughters one about your age. I as a mother would like to give you some motherly advice, "don't settle the lawsuit". I know money is tight at this present moment, but if you hold out you will gain more money and much respect. One of my daughters experience a similar experience, not as severe, but she held her ground and came out the winner. This issue was not so much for money as it was for sexual harassment! She gained so much respect it was unbelievable! So, take just a little motherly advice and let this judge handle this creep for you,and honey you'll come out the WINNER in many ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LPC/Texas
Thank you for your website! I am one of those women who kept quiet about being sexually harrassed in order to keep my job. If I had it to do over again I would have reported it and quit. My harrassment was not as serious as some but it was serious enough to make me miserable and uncomfortable at work. This was 10 years ago and I was very young (19-21 years old). This subject sickens me every time I turn on the TV and hear what our American citizens consider to be alright behavior. The only reason that the sexual harrassment that I endured didn't become a sexual relationship was because I was not enamored by the man who started it.He disgusted me. If I had been enamored by him(i.e.Monica Lewinsky) the situation would have been completely different. Sexual relationships do not belong in the workplace. The MEN and the WOMEN in this country need to figure this out real soon or we are in real trouble.
Allison Hyde [jah@hydes-business.com]
If you can relay to Paula Jones to not accept the bribe from Bill Clinton's attorney's for the lowly $500 thousand, please do so. I have always believed her account of what happened in the hotel and consider her to be very brave and certainly an inspiration for all that relish integrity and honesty. I hope that she knows that Clinton is running scared and wants to pay her off so she won't continue with her sexual harassment suit--which in my opinion she should--many of us are rooting for her--the pollsters just don't call us!

Judy Crum
Miss Paula,
You are at the heart of this issue. You have caused the forced self-reflection of all the idiots who continue to support this President. Please don't settle without an apology. It would make you look money hungry when that wasn't the original reason for your suit. Keep the faith. We're out hear trying to find the courage and confidence to voice support. You have the opportunity to change the course of this country. You've handled it better than anyone so far. Just a little longer. And please, make sure you are current with the DMV.
If you're able to forward comments to the Paula Jones lawyers or her advisors, please note that the rumors in the news about a settlement w/Clinton WITHOUT and apology at least as good as the original offer, will derail any credibility she ever had and will fuel the fires that she really was a set-up for the "Right Wing Conspiracy".
Too many rumors about some kind of settlement in the works. Let me say, even though it's your business and your business alone, I WOULD NOT BE TOO QUICK TO SETTLE WITH CLINTON. If it does come down to money to settle, I would take the advice of Dick Morris (Clinton's former advisor). Today he commented that if PJ is going to settle she should really raise the bar. His number was at least to $3 million. Whatever you do, best of luck.

Jim Evans Arlington, TX
I support Paul Jones's effort to get the justice to which she is entitled. Clinton is a scoundrel and I feel sure Paula's experience is just one of thousands. The problem is that she isn't a New England blue blood. (Neither am I.) HER CASE HAS MORE CREDIBILITY AND LIKELIHOOD OF BEING TRIED NOW MORE THAN EVER. If you feel she has to settle, I URGE YOU TO DEMAND AN APOLOGY AS PART OF THE SETTLEMENT.
Paula, things are looking more favorable for you by the second. Clinton wants to settle because he thinks that by so doing it will aid him in his new dodge -- impeachment.
I say stick to your guns. I think that in Minnesota you case might well be reactivated. At the VERY LEAST, demand an apology from him. More than money, he needs to humble himself TO YOU for what he did initially, and most especially for the PAIN, ANGUISH, AND HUMILIATIATION HE HAS CAUSED YOU S-I-N-C-E YOU F-I-L-E-D T-H-E S-U-I-T. GOOD LUCK. The women of America are behind you and SUPPORT YOU
As I watched the feminists on television this evening, and listened to a selection of their members defend our Porno King President, I wondered where I could find some women of kindred spirit who are not condoning his perverted acts upon women employees. I came across this site, and when reading these responses, it gave me faith that there are intelligent articulate women out there that have had more than enough of this stuff and are as outraged as I am. NOW's Patricia Ireland deplores his behavior, but wants to move on. Someday maybe she will know or one of her daughters will know about sexual predators in the workplace, and she will regret those words. This man has left wounded women on the battlefield as he has climbed to the top....including his own daughter and his wife. Yes, let's move on....right to Senate hearings. It appears that the comments on this issue are not dated, so it is as if their history has come full circle in this article in September 1998. God bless Paula Jones....she is "us". I am sure that the short stay that President Porno had in the hospital awhile ago was NOT to remove some cancerous lesion from his face or whatever.....it was to CORRECT some deformity on a specific anatomical part. There is a physician out there that should have been subpoenaed by Judge Starr....I really believe this. It is very typical of people going in for cosmetic/corrective surgery to give other reasons for their trip to the hospital. Some physician out there knows what surgery took place that day.
Carol   [btbs@voicenet.com]
I now firmly believe in Paula Jones' story. I pray that she will have her day in court. Mr. Clinton is a very sick man that needs to resign from office and have in-depth sex counseling. There are laws for indecent exposure concerning the children of our country..why does this not hold true for adult females of our country. By the way, I have lived in a trailer park also. Does this mean that we have less rights as citizens. The women of this country must band together concerning the above matter. Maybe we could start a petition and get results.
Carl Limbacher said it all. I am saving his letter with my Starr Report so that my yet unborn grandchildren will know about you and what you stand for and that they must do the same if ever confronted with such a situation...we will not forget.
Donna in Austin
Dear Ms. Jones,
It looks as if the day of reckoning is on the horizon for President Clinton. Regardless of the outcome, the American people owe you a great deal of thanks. As the sad tale of Clinton's escapades began to unfold, I have told countless people that it has only come about because of you. As a school teacher I do my best to instill the truth in my students, regardless of the consequences. I know that you are that type of person too, and because of it, I honestly believe that future generations will be reading about you in history books. I know that you have taken abuse, both physically and verbally, from people in power. I admire your courage and strength. I just wanted you to know that what you have done is one of the most courageous acts in the American political spectrum. You could have backed down, but you didn't. You could have bailed, but you didn't. You could have compromised, but you didn't. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My prayers are with you,
Don Stevenson
Huntington, Texas
This Grandpa and USAF retired Viet Nam Veteran was trained by our government in annual Human Relations classes, NOT to do as Bill 'Slick Willy' Clinton does! I object to his subornation of perjury, smear tactics, and outright evasiveness when asked any questions! I am sad for Hillary, obviously in a "deal" of a marriage for her own power reasons and purposes (madam President?), but does she deserve this humiliation? Maybe, as she probably knew just what she was doing. The abuse of power through threats, intimidation, and insinuations is most visible throughout the present Executive branch of our government! Paula has done the proper thing to expose what happened to her in Arkansas, and I hope the silent majority of moral society continues to support her in every way, as she is right, and the victim of a power mad manipulator. God Bless Paula Jones. I marvel at her stamina against the hurricane of hate spun by the Clinton White House. This is one example of the "truth will out".
Patrick T. Berry [pberry2@bellsouth.net]
Now that we know the truth, can we get Clinton today, James Carville to apologize to Paula and the rest of us "trailer trash", or better yet, drag some hundreds through my trailer park. We seniors could use the dough. "Trailer Trash Class Action Suit" Paula, you look marvelous!! Barbara
Hi I do support Paula Jones and believe the NOW group should be ashamed of themselves. They are suppose to support our women and instead have not spoken up at all! Keep pushing Paula, I believe somewhere in our justice system that someone like Mr. Starr will stand up to the President and condemn him for the lying sex hound that he is. Oopz did I say that? :o)
Joy Shaw jjshaw@centuryinter.net
Thank you Paula for your courage. A lot of people believe you. I am so sorry for the way you have been treated by Bill Clinton and the rest of his cronies including the media. If we ever get that sexual pervert out of the White House it will be greatly because you stood up for what was right. I hope you get everything you asked for in your lawsuit.
Marie Williams (coffer@wwn.net)
I only hope I'm not the only person out there that knows you (Paula) didn't start this. I can only hope that he gets his soon. I know that I'm not the only one. Hang in there.
God Bless,
Once again, shame on NOW! The truth is, they never did represent ordinary women in this country, but this was a chance to prove themselves. In fact, they did just that, proved once and for all, that they are and always have been, an elitist organization that mainstream women could not identify with. What a shame, because it was such a noble and necessary cause. I have written to NOW, and as I told you before, responded to their [the reigning feminists] appearance on Meet The Press.
A. W. Ban, Michigan.
This person did not want her email address posted here - any comments directed to her can be sent to carolyng@free-market.net and I will forward them to her. She has given permission for this to be done.
If he (Clinton) didn't break the law in Arkansas, it certainly needs to be changed. In the example you gave about the woman being called "chicky-baby" and being rewarded 10% of the company, what is wrong here that Jones' case is thrown out? I think you eluded to what happened a bit. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I believe that Clinton can do whatever and get away with it. He has too many people in his back pocket. I pray the judges decision will be overturned.

They say that other presidents committed the same misdeeds that Clinton did, why all the hub-bub? Other presidents weren't accused while in office for one thing. At least not that the public as a while knew about. It's all about character to me. I believe the office of president needs to be held by a man of character. Clinton possesses none.

What do other countries think of the United States now? I wouldn't say we have the respect that we did when Reagan was in office. Please don't take this wrong! I would rather have Reagan in office with Alzheimer's than Clinton. I just hope in the next election, we have someone running who can somehow manage to get the country on it's feet again, and that they will be elected by a landslide.

Thank you so much for having such an informative page. I was glad to hear you say that you weren't embarrassed by the ruling, and that you kept the page up. That is very classy in my opinion.

Terri Dukes

I am a professional woman who has followed this case very closely. I am a medical doctor and I am outraged that a person in the position of a state governor can be allowed to expose himself to a subordinate and to have the case completely dismissed. This sends the worst kind of message to all women and I am appalled at the attitude of the so-called feminists who would let this be swept under the carpet in order to shelter and support the wife of the abuser. Hypocrites all! If this man had exposed himself in the park, he would have been arrested immediately as a threat to society. At least let this poor woman have her day in court. She has been reviled by this man's henchmen in the media ad nauseum and they have been cheered on by the very feminists who would have you believe they never wanted to be cheerleaders---they wanted to be the quarterbacks and CEOs. I and many others wish Paula well and fully support her efforts. We hope you will remain strong through these difficult days. I have just heard that NOW is NOT going to file a brief which might advance her cause in an appeal because she has "conservative" associates and advisers. In my opinion, these women should hide their heads in shame! They have set the cause of women's rights back at least several decades. What a horrible example for all the young people of today including their daughters and granddaughters. These women appear to disavow "Equality for all" if they don't approve of your friends
dr intn

The dismissal of the Paula Jones' lawsuit by judge Susan Webber Wright brings into question her own motives and bias. This is the same judge that originally granted the Clinton's motion for postponement of the trial, only to be overruled by the Supreme Court in an unanimous decision.

Her recent conduct has been particularly biased in favor of Bill Clinton. When she threatened the lawyers on the Paula Jones side for potential sanctions for their conduct in leaking material, she was hardly being fair.

Somebody has presumably leaked material throughout the history of this case, but it has never been established as to which side in fact has been doing the leaking. To single out the Jones' side on this one issue is not fair. Further, it is not clear why she imposed the gag order in the first place. The vast majority of civil suits in this country do not have gag orders imposed on them. This decision was clearly to protect the President. However, had the gag order not been in place, the whole issue of "leaking" would be moot.

It is troubling to me that by dismissing the suit, the judge has avoided ruling on the potentially controversial issue of the Clinton lawyers not complying with the terms of the Jones' team subpoena for Kathleen Wiley's letters. Chalk up another bias towards Clinton. Enough other people have already expressed outrage over the dismissal by this judge of Clinton's alleged conduct, even if true, to be merely "boorish". Maybe she might change her perspective if a high ranking male official were to confront her in his private chamber, fondle her, place her hand on his genitals and ask her to perform oral sex. I just got the shivers just typing this stuff!

Do people know or care that this same judge was once a student of Bill Clinton, the professor, at the Law School of the University of Arkansas? As I understand from news accounts, Clinton offered to give most of the students in that class a B+, but eventually gave Wright an A grade. Did that involve some special favors? As I understand it, she would have been in her 20's then and fits the pattern of Clinton's preference in women with the big hair. Would any of this shed any light on Wright's obviously biased behavior? Also given her past relationship with the President, would it not be proper for this judge to recuse herself from the case?

Thank goodness, there is an appeals process and we may yet hear from the Supreme Court.
Ashok Sinha nldc@worldnet.att.net

So President Clinton, "slick willie", the comeback kid, et al, won another one, Paula Jones's lawsuit was thrown out. But did he really win? The charges have not been settled one way or another, they are still out there. More than likely, this ruling will be appealed. The sordid details have been revealed, discussed, dissected, and noticed by persons who do not normally pay attention to politics. The affair has opened up whole new leads for Kenneth Starr and other grand juries to investigate. It also showed to what lows Clinton's supporters will stoop to protect him. Private investigators, personal attacks and smears, and out right lies selectively passed on by a dishonest and biased national press. His reputation now even more soiled than it was before this whole affair became public.

The only thing that Clinton has gained is time, it will take a couple of years for the case to move through the appeal process. 1998 is midterm elections for Congress and our "Representatives" need to adjourn and go home to campaign. Our gutless Republican controlled Congress will use this as an excuse not to persuade impeachment hearings and quietly wrap up this session of Congress. But time will eventually catch up with Clinton, he will not be in office after January 3, 2001. He will be a private citizen not able to sic the FBI and IRS on his "enemies" and use his power as president as a shield. Will the unethical cast of characters that are defending him now be willing to defend him later, especially when all the other investigations are completed, or toss him to the dogs just like Clinton has done to his former friends and associates? Paula Jones and the American people will have their day in court.

John's Politically Incorrect Page
John Sullivan

Paula Jones, you are a courageous and admirable person. You are a real LADY with incredible inner strength and personal integrity. You are what this country needs more of. People who say NO to using sex to climb the corporate and political ladders. My bonnet is off to you girl. Keep your chin up, YOU have nothing to be ashamed of.

THINK ON THIS: what would Hillary do if an employer of Chelsea's did to her what ole Billy boy did to Paula Jones? Would NOW come to the rescue then, even though that would certainly be a hot potato issue?
Janet Freeman

I could not begin to tell how I felt about the results of the NOW group. In the 70's I endured the same situation with my boss at the Space Needle in Seattle and he actually unzipped my uniform while I was in an elevator going down and it was to me the most degrading thing I had gone through. I had to stay at the job to support two children so I did the evasive thing because I knew that no one would ever believe me. I kept quiet as did many others. I feel so deeply the pain this young woman is going through and want her to know that we all do not agree with the Now organization nor do we in anyway support them. Keep trying and know we are behind you!
Mary K.
If our a-moral President put a notch in the bedpost for each woman with whom he has committed adultery, soon he and Hillary would be sleeping in sawdust, and darn if I don't believe Hillary would just lie there claiming it was still a bed. Our First Lady is the last lady I would choose as a role model for my girls...I tell them to be like Paula Jones. Stand up for what you believe and never give up. Paula, you give us all hope.
Donna in Austin, Texas

I think it is nice that you decided to take a stand on this issue. The white house has systematically smeared any woman that has come forward with information about the president. i pray everyday that the truth will come out in this case. They also attempted to ruin Ken starr 1st but then when other women came forward they laid off him and moved on to the women who could support these claims. It makes me sad to see all of the sick and horrible mail that you received from people. I have been following this case closely and I don't think people understand or want to believe this story. Let's just pray for help with this one. the truth has a strange way of always coming out :)
How sick this country and the women in it have become. First, I am ashamed that the women put Slick Willie in office. And shame on the men for letting them. Now, he will keep on and on and on disrespecting women and poor Paula hasn't a chance. Where is the moral fiber that we built this country on? We kick a gal out of the Air Force, let the pilots run "amuck" in hotels and talk about punishment; but let the army guy go free and, we let the commander- in-chief do as he pleases , and, of course, he and his wife love to spend the taxpayers' money and live in power; so they stick together and stay slimy. I cannot hardly think about him without getting nauseated, and cannot watch him on T.V. Is money and success in this country so important to everyone, without considering the ultimate end? The anti-christ would have a "field day" with our present morality and priorities. I am sorry Paula Jones, that you can't even get your day in court. Just remember that "vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord". Stay strong and remember he'll get his one day. Good luck! (p.s. I'll never believe that Vince Foster took his own life; and, I also believed Anita Hill.)

Unfortunately, I don't respond to things in the media that effect me as often as I should, but in the Paula Jones case, I just Must speak out!! I want to express my undying support for Paula Jones and my complete admiration for her as a person. I want her to know that I have believed her from day 1 and have been praying for her. I hope and pray that through this Lawsuit, she can hopefully expose Bill Clinton for the Liar, Cheat, Adulterer and generally disgusting creature that he truly is. I do indeed pray for him too, hoping that via his conversion to truth, he might lead this nation on the correct path to God instead of the path to Hell that he is currently leading us all on.
Best Regards,
An EDUCATED mother of 4, & happily married wife.
I would like to say that I am highly disappointed by the womens organization NOW. They have just given a clear message that it is ok to threaten women, cop a feel, and do whatever as long as you are the President. This is not a right wing, left wing, Democrat or Republican issue. This is an issue that affects all women and transcends the boundaries of race or political affiliation. We, as women, have fought long and hard to get where we are today, and statements such as those made by NOW and the courts have set us back once again.
Kim M.
Thank you for your dedication to the truth and the conservative movement. As a patriot and a woman, I support Paula Jones and hope that America wakes up to the fact that her case is not a partisan attempt to unseat Clinton
Paula, our prayers have been with you and your family during this long ordeal. Whatever the outcome, Clinton will not be able to fool the ultimate judge, we all must face one day. We are all glad that you are surrounded by caring friends. . As a Christian, a woman, a homemaker, and a soccer mom , I admire your courage and fortitude. Keep on fighting to the end

Thank you very much, Paula,
You have a great deal of courage and I admire you very much. We should have a President who doesn't take advantage of women. Clinton should be expected to live by the same moral codes we would expect our friends and family to live by. This pattern of using women and lying about it is unforgivable to me. We have seen good people lose their military career and other privileges for less. Clinton has thousands of perks and privileges; he doesn't deserve special treatment. Unwelcome sexual advance is wrong. It's also wrong for women to use sex for better or higher paying jobs. That is sexual harassment and exploitation. Thank you very much for your integrity, trustworthiness and courage. In addition, lawyers for Clinton in the White House should not be harassing and laboring to discredit Mr. Starr and impede his investigation.
Carol Altieri

I'm a woman who believes that "sexual harassment" is what men choose it to be. It should have nothing to do whether or not the woman lost her job, etc. It is a demeaning incident that should not occur in any form to any woman. How may I send Paula Jones an E-mail to let her know that I'm ALL for her appealing her case? How can Pres. Clinton not "remember" these incidents against ALL these woman, when I'm sure every one of these women is telling the truth! Anita Hill lost her case, too. This has GOT to stop!!
Sharon Jones
Oklahoma City, OK

As a registered Democrat who is not a right-winger, I do support Paula Jones. I am upset how the Democrat attackers (i.e., Carville, etc.) have trashed Paula and now distant the Feminist groups have been. There is much more support for Paula than the so-called Polls indicate!
With Paula Jones deciding to appeal her case to the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals...some may think her chances are improved. I would differ in that I believe the chief jurist (name escapes me) is from Little Rock Arkansas...yes, home of the Clintons... and most probably will deny the appeal.

Setting the stage in my opinion for the Supreme Court to decide on her case. And as we know already - they supported her in her fight to take Clinton to court.

Also read that Paula will speak more often in her own defense and not use her spokeswoman any longer. That too will make her case more persuasive in the eyes of women who have been sitting on the fence. Of course the "Court of Public Opinion" is in no way reflective of just how a true court will rule.

In any event...I'm glad she chose to keep on fighting.
Anti antidemcrt@hotmail.com

I just read about Paula Jones' decision to appeal Judge Susan Webber Wright's April 1st ruling to throw her case out. This was no doubt an agonizing decision for her given the appeals will be likely to stretch on for years, with no guarantee she will even get her right to a trial, much less than win against President Clinton.

Still, I believe she did the right thing and you and every other decent American would agree. I think what struck me about what she said in her news conference is that she's doing this for the principle that women deserve protection from those kinds of abuses. Pace her critics who've argued she's in this for the money. I don't think all the money in the world would be enough to repay her for what she's been through the last several years.

Paula proved she has more integrity than the President and all of her critics combined. Your site will be around for a lot longer and the final chapter still hasn't been written. Above all, my faith and yours and that of a lot of people in our justice system has been somewhat restored. And yes, Paula Jones has shown you sometimes gotta take on the system when it does something that's unjust and unfair. Let me close this letter by saying that we all send her our prayers in the hope that she will finally be able to receive the justice that up to now has been denied her.
Norman F. Birnberg BirnbergLb@aol.com

Dear Paula,
I just watched your tearful announcement on TV that you will continue to fight for justice. I applaud you decision and thank you for making it. What a dangerous precedent we would be setting if we say to the people of our country/ or the world for that matter that what Bill Clinton did to you was not sexual harassment. It was a vulgar act that no woman should have to face in the workplace. I know this decision did not come easily for you. I thank you for my daughter and the generations of daughters that lives would be adversely affected by allowing him to get away with what he did to you and calling it anything less than what it was. I know you are exhausted and discouraged and it would be easier for you to throw in the towel and say I give up, I cant win. You can and you will win. You are right he is wrong. The wealthy and powerful have long gotten away with wrong doing in our society. It takes someone with guts like you to stand up for what is right. You are the bravest woman in the world and God is on your side. Read the book of Job Paula. It will ease your stress and help you gain the strength you need. You are in my prayers and I would like to know how to support your financial needs for your legal fund as well. Never give up Paula. You will prevail. God Bless you, your family, and your legal team.
The little picture sees Paula Jones as just another soul who happened to get in the cross hairs of Don Juan Willy. Paula turned him down but she should be pointing a finger at all the sleazy easy women that came before her. After all, it is THEY who helped to make the ah ...er...ahem....man. Starting with his mother and wife, right on through the Jennifers and Dollys, enablers all. It is easy to understand why men defend this slime, but why so many women? Answer: It's the same reason some women stay with a wife beater, adulterer, child molester, drunk or pimp. They are all lacking a connection between their common sense and emotions. What's really funny? The Clinton feminist is now hard to distinguish from a whore defending her pimp. A high gullibility factor prevents some of them from seeing that they are being used. Pay attention girls: it's called ABUSE OF POWER! E.Cady Stanton and gang would have ran the bum out on a rail.
Sandee vette97@cts.com
Just for the record, I find Judge Webber's interpretation of the law to be a gross miscarriage of justice. In my professional career, I spend quite a bit of time educating others regarding sexual harassment; hopefully in order to eliminate it from the workplace. I believe she has completely missed the point and is guilty of judicial fiat in effectively "legislating" a new law by way of her judicial pronouncement

Fud Caruthers
The Fud Caruthers "Going to Hell in a Handbasket" Fun Center

It's said that ten percent of America is outraged by Judge Susan Webber Wright's dismissal of the Paula Jones lawsuit. It was too much to hope that Mrs. Jones could have had her day in court. Her case may have been flimsy, but that was the job of the jury to decide after the evidence had been presented, rather than for the judge to preempt. In Arkansas, it isn't apparently outrageous for the Governor to put his hand up the dress of an employee, unzip his pants, request oral sex and threaten her if she tells anyone. Are we to infer from the ruling that this kind of thing happens all the time?

Nobody, including the judge, denies that the President is a sexual predator. By dismissing the case, she accepts that the incident took place. "Boorish and offensive" though it may be, she deems it not serious enough to deserve a court hearing, let alone an apology or compensation for the victim. Mrs. Wright, a centrist Republican, is a former student of Bill Clinton who ought to have removed herself from this case. She failed to consider that Mr. Clinton is no ordinary man, "no Joe Six-Pack" as he readily admits. He was the Governor of the State. And that is why Alan Keyes, speaking in Washington last Friday, was right to call her decision "biased, incompetent and depraved". For the Paula Jones case is not about sex; it is about the abuse of power. Mr. Clinton says in this week's Time, "Having the case dismissed and putting this behind us is plainly in the best interests of the country." Plainly, it is not. What message is he sending to the women of this country?

A further ten percent of America is rejoicing that Mr. Clinton seems to be getting away with yet another outrage. Rejoicing? Yes, there are still people out there, both the sick and the deluded, who are easily captivated by the plastic smile of the crocodile. They are in for a profound shock. And the other 80%? Apparently, they don't care that the nation's leader has been exposed as a serial rapist, predator and adulterer as well as a bank robber, fraudster and much more. As one Chicago college student wrote to us this week: "Mr. Clinton can have sex with sheep for all I care, as long as he does his job properly." Such a compartmentalized, distorted and depraved view of the presidency is Mr. Clinton's unsavory legacy to his country.

Why doesn't anyone bring out the fact that Judge Susan Weber-Wright's decision to summarily dismiss the Paula Jones complaint was not based on facts but was based on a relationship of the judge to Bill Clinton? The judge's decision was flawed because she was a student of Professor William Jefferson Clinton in the College of Law in Arkansas. I maintain that this fact should be ground for appeals because the decision is a mockery of justice where someone beholden to a party of a complaint had acted as arbiter and therefore the decision is no less than a decision promulgated by a kangaroo court. Judge Weber had already displayed her bias even before she dismissed the complaint
John Flowers J620820@aol.com
Good thoughts. For those who think this is over for Clinton, they are going to have a BIG let down. Thanks for sticking up for Paula, not many have. That is why I think she is the bravest woman I have heard of in a long time.
Cecil cnjx@ruraltel.net
The only difference between the proclivity of an Oregon Republican Senator to stick his tongue in the mouths of his aid, and, what the current liberal denizen of the White House has in mind, is that the conservative senator wrote about it in his diary. The judge cited a lack of such "proof," in the Jones case, but what she meant was a lack of a confession. . .a real rocket scientist that judge!
Michael Pottorff

Paula, Don't give up! You have laid the foundation for his demise. My understanding is that the Court of Appeals looks at your evidence with a "fresh" view; it doesn't matter what Judge Wright's reasoning was in throwing out your case.
I think of you often. God Bless You for your courage in fighting the devil. The Truth Will Set Us Free! I truly believe that.
Regards, your friend
Peter psroufe@ibm.net
Despite the sudden and, for the most part, unexpected April Fool's Day dismissal of the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton, and despite the din of bongo drums emanating out of Africa as our absentee president gleefully celebrated this "personal victory," the long-awaited "vindication" and "exoneration" claimed by Clinton partisans is as hollow and vacuous as an African bongo.

According to Susan Webber Wright, the judge responsible for this anti-woman debacle, euphemistically referred to as a timely dismissal, even if what Paula Jones alleges is one hundred percent true, there is still insufficient "outrage" to warrant a trial by jury, and not enough tangible evidence exists to show that any subsequent job detriment to the plaintiff actually occurred.

Though the callous, anti-woman attitude exhibited by this judge is an "outrage" in and of itself which rivals the boorish and outrageous conduct allegedly perpetrated by our illustrious president (a criminal act of indecent exposure), it is crucial to note that the decision to dismiss this lawsuit was not based on any doubt of the veracity of Paula Jones' allegations, but on what happened subsequently to Jones in her workplace environment. By acknowledging the possibility that this incident happened and basing her decision on events extraneous to the incident, Judge Wright, rather than "vindicating" or "exonerating" the president, has only added to the cloud of suspicion.

What is most important to us, the American people, is not what happened to Paula Jones in her workplace environment or the finer points of Arkansas sexual harassment law (the reasons for which the lawsuit was dismissed), but what most likely occurred in that Little Rock hotel room, the pattern of similar indiscretions uncovered in this investigation, and most important of all, the pattern of deceit and alleged criminal misconduct (perjury, subornation of perjury, and obstruction of justice) allegedly committed to cover up these misdeeds.

Nothing in the decision to dismiss the Paula Jones lawsuit dispels or refutes any of this alleged malfeasance. It continues to hang over the besieged Clinton White House and over the heads of the American people like a dark, ominous cloud that only grows thicker with every passing day and with each new revelation.
Michael Langston

Keep up the fight. The polls are slanted and bogus. The overwhelming majority of my daily contacts support your effort. Bill Clinton is not only an abomination to decency, but the office of the Presidency.
Wayne C. Steinard WSteinard@aol.com
I am so hurt and outraged by this ruling! Suggest Paula forget the appeal and move very swiftly forward on a criminal charge of "Lewd and Lecivious Acts," and have forward E-mail messages to both her site and to the Rutherford Institute's site. All those in favor please cast your votes there as well.

Please note: CNN keeps deleting my message posts wherein I ask them to reveal to the American Public that the gallop polls they so readily quote and report on tell you in the fine print that their survey consists of input from "666" people. Seems to always be the same figure. My question to them was what "666" people. I've never been polled -- don't know anybody who has been. Also asked them if these might be CNN employees. However, as I said, they keep deleting my inquiries. Interesting, huh?

Thanks for letting me vent. I really think this guy is going to drive some woman to really hurt him someday if our legal system cannot do better than this by women and soon.
Marilyn mmcdan@fia.net

I suppose in one respect I began to have my suspicions about Judge "HogFace" when she ruled to exclude any Monica Lewinsky testimony and depositions...from the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit.

And I found myself wondering today if Feminists in their gleeful moment...might also have a voice inside that shouted - this has destroyed 20 years of womens' rights and sexual harassment lawsuits. The Feminists by not supporting Paula Jones...have hurt their very cause that they "say" they support.

As for the 8th Circuit Court of Appeal. I read that the ten panel judge court has a chief justice who is from Little Rock ARK. Paula Jones may not find they support her right to a trial either. So...hopefully we go all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States that DID rule in her favor last year when they stated that she could sue Clinton and take him to court during his administration.

In any event, if not for Paula Jones - America would never have learned about Bill Clinton's "sexual predator" tendencies through women that the Jones attorneys brought to light. As I have long stated, if Monica Lewinsky was innocent - why does she push so hard for "Full Immunity". Innocent people don't need immunity. It's that simple.

And finally, this ruling could very well be used by every defense attorney in the country when trying to prove that their boys' did not sexually harass or proposition a women plaintiff.
Anti antidemcrt@hotmail.com

You know, the first thing I said to myself when I heard of the verdict was, "Self, I wonder if they threatened this judge with retribution if she didn't rule in favor of The Astroturf President?

Then I learned she had been a student of his, and whoa! The plot thickened! Why am I not surprised.

After all, Slick IS the president of the United States, with all the rights, duties AND perks thereof. I'm sure if the judge had ruled against him, it would have been no small thing for him to get the IRS to audit the Judge, or do any number of other unsavory things for "payback".

Did Paula really think she could get justice from an ARKANSAS judge (Slick's home state), who had been a student of his?

Well ladies, there you have it. As of April 1, 1998 it is now established that no mere "woman" has the right to a fair trial involving sexual harassment, especially when it involves a political figure. But you know the biggest joke of all is here in Arkansas.

You see I live in this big wonderful hick state full of liberal Democrats who can see nothing wrong with Bill Clinton. Don't forget, Billy boy was in charge of our state for at least 12 years if not more. There are many of these Democratic brain dead morons in this state who refuse to believe any of the rumors that have been circulated for the last 16 years about our wonderful "President" and the "women" he uses. Sure! Yes, I will confirm for you that it is well known among the few thinking brains that exist here. Geez, Beth Ward came out just the other day and admitted that she had sexual relations with Mr. Clinton while he was governor, but it was consensual.

So...it's ok if our President has real moral values. Almost all of his "friends" have already been convicted in the Whitewater investigations, but Clinton has been conveniently been left out of it. He has no respect for women, yet women continually flock to him.

And most importantly he and his boss are conspiring along with Communist China to socialize our country. No morals? Tsk. Tsk. It is no matter. Who cares if the President has no morals. I still have a job don't I? He must be doing a heck of a good job. The Tv news says that unemployment is down, inflation isn't rising, and the economy and stock market are doing good. I believe everything that the Tv girl says because she's so pretty and the Tv station couldn't possibly be owned by anyone who paid big money to get Clinton elected. The fact that the President has no morals couldn't possibly effect the decisions he makes regarding our country, could it? I mean the fact that he can't acknowledge the fact that unborn children are alive, doesn't mean he's a bad guy does it?
-----Enough, I'm making myself sick.
The Editor, REAL STUFF

Is it ever going to stop? Is this guy ever going to have to answer for anything he does? Will all the people wronged by him all get this injustice done to them? It is not easy to be optimistic about justice prevailing and conservatism winning when day after day those who have an allegation against him are pursued and destroyed and others aren't given their day in court. I read your response to all of this and I AGREE!!!
Survivor survivor@ziggycom.net
Not only was her case dismissed, from the outset, Paula Jones was dismissed by our smug, humanity-hating popular culture. She isn't hip, Billie is hip. At least "trailer trash" isn't homeless, like Billie and Hillie! That Judge is, after all, in Arkansas, a former student of The Big Creep, and she was quick to toss the case until the Supreme Court told her (9-Zip): WRONG! Now, she's tossed it again, but it may boomerang back at her! Either all apparently reasonable perceptions regarding the First Felons are wrong, or, unless Ken Starr is truly incompetent or corrupt himself, the IC report has got to nail Klinton & Krews big time! Let's have it, just ASAP, and wipe all those smirks off all those smug faces.....permanently.
From: "D. St. James" saintj@execpc.com

This is indeed a sad day for America. Let people know that truth and justice should have had a chance over the no-holds barred tactics of President Clinton's lawyers. The sad truth is the feminist establishment's failure to support Paula Jones will make all that much harder for women in this country to file sexual harassment claims against powerful men. What a setback to equal rights for women from those who were (and are) supposed to be fighting for them in the first place. I feel as dismayed, upset, and angry as you and a lot of other people in this country that an average person couldn't even get her story her in a court of law.
Norman F. Birnberg

I am so outraged. Thank you so much for giving me a place to vent my wrath. This lame ruling, handed down by one of Clinton's own darling judges (seeing her smirking face on the ABC webpage almost made me toss my cookies yesterday) disgusts me no end. So now the scumbag of the universe can come home in victory from Africa, after having cowardly skipped town while the done-wrong woman in question was left to battle it out alone with the courts. What was really hideous is that you knew what the outcome would be before it all started. Somehow Slick Willy would come out smelling like the proverbial rose, while poor Paula would be put through the wringer backwards, with nothing left intact, not even her reputation (and they made strict assurance that that would be the first to go). And OF COURSE the poll numbers go flying, as hundreds of thousands of soccer moms and boomer babes (myself definitely NOT included) experience the orgasm of delight that Their Man won the good fight against that trashy trailer babe. I am so thoroughly disgusted at this point that I'd even be tempted to leave my country and go find another to live in. Anybody know someplace on the planet that isn't enamored with Our Fearless Leader? I'd like to take up residence there, if at all possible. Please, someone, tell me there's a good reason to stay in a nation that exalts someone as immoral and duplicitous as this man is.
--Kathleen Webb

Surprise surprise - one of Clinton's ex-students let him off the hook. This is the same judge who had her ruling, saying that the case couldn't go to trial until after Clinton's term, overruled by the Supreme Court! I guess she this is her little "revenge" for the Supreme Court DARING to overrule her. And now this judge claims that a boss pulling down his pants and asking his employees for oral sex "isn't harassment." This is a sad day for women - women have been told that they can be harassed and it doesn't matter - that they should just shut up about it. I am outraged at this judicial system and even more outraged at the numerous people who AGREE with this anti-woman ruling!

Judge Susan Webber Wright Should be bodily thrown of the bench and out of the bar assoc. my feeling is she was either bribed or threatened in some way this is even more reason to impeach slick. By the way, I am a male and I support Paula Jones
Darrin Ford

Gee, why aren't I surprised by this turn of events...the judge has dismissed all charges against Bubba.
Isn't it amazing...Anita Hill brings charges against Clarence Thomas, ten years after the fact, and she is a "feminism Icon" now...Paula Jones presses charges and makes allegations that are worse than what Clarence Thomas was accused of, and she is just trailer trash! What is the trend here folks? The trend is that we daren't go against NOW and their pet boy toys, or we will be hurt. NOT!!!!!!!!!!
Lets face it, if Ms Jones had pressed these charges against Newt Gingrich, there would be a totally different outcome right now, and Patricia Ireland and her gang would be screaming murder.
I wish there was a way to bring a class action suit against Patty cake and her friends, to get them to stop speaking for me every time they open their mouths...would be fun to try.
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 08:24:34 EST
From: BirnbergLb BirnbergLb@aol.com
Subject: Gloria Steinem's Standard (Paula Jones Case)

Dear Carolyn,
Gloria Steinem came up recently with a new standard of sexual harassment in which a man is permitted one free pass at a woman as long as he under- stands she means "no."

The implications of this for the Paula Jones case are interesting. Under Ms. Steinem's novel interpretation of sexual harassment law, Gov. Bill Clinton's sexual propositioning of Ms. Jones was a non-event. Would the President's lawyers be prepared to call Ms. Steinem as an "expert" witness to explain just why this retroactive standard should justify the dismissal of Ms. Jones' case by the court?

To make a long story short, while Steinem's new standard does underscore the political hypocrisy of the feminists when it comes to shoring up their political ally in the face of his history of reported sexual transgressions with a number of women, it also illuminates how "unfeminist" feminist leaders have become in defending patriarchy and male privilege, as long as the man exercising them is a champion of feminist interests.

Ms. Jones finds herself fighting what should be a feminist battle, though all the establishment feminists want nothing to do with her to preserve their influence with their benefactor in the White House. I believe Ms. Jones is the woman with principle, and if Ms. Steinem should ever appear in court, I don't think there is any question of who will appear more craven.

Whatever the outcome, it will not be among the proudest events in the history of the feminist movement. In conclusion, I'd like to state I believe Paula Jones deserves to have her day in court and to receive justice to which she is entitled to under the laws of our country.
Norman F. Birnberg

I love this site. I have been a supporter of Paula Jones from day one and I for one am sick of Clinton acting like it's normal behavior for him to be acting like this because biased groups like NOW are having stuff done by him. The fact of the matter is that liberals are elitists. If you're one of them, you're ok. If you're not, you're "evil", "a racist", etc. etc. etc. and get icky faces posted on your web site (no offense Carolyn, but it is funny that you posted that!) People have been having to lower their standards since 1992 because here came Mr. Clinton, lying like a rug telling us how to live, how to think, and to pay more in federal taxes because of unfair "profiting" in the 80s. That's all a load and we all know it. The last six years have shown a decline in median income, a decline in moral standards and an increase in excuses.
Steve Hinckley SteveNo96@aol.com
Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA - Sunday, March 29, 1998 at 03:26:46 (EST)
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 01:06:41 +0100
From: ESN Mail 6008@esn.net
Subject: Paula JonesCampaign


Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 13:59:36 -0600
From: Brian Nagel bnagel6175@worldnet.att.net
Subject: Paula Jones Campaign

I have no web page, but I am definitely a supporter of Paula Jones's right to have her day in court. Thanks for taking some action. God Bless. Brian

Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 17:28:33 -0800
From: Survivor survivor@ziggycom.net
Subject: More support for Paula and Monica

I again voice my support for Paula Jones. I thought it necessary now that Monica Lewinsky has had several weeks of wall to wall trashing from the pundits and this administration which in other cases has defended other victims. Even if Lewinsky did make passes at the president, then he should have had enough maturity to brush her off and ignore it. Also, again I ask where are the feminists who say they "care" about the treatment of women. Well, we have to remember that they do care about them, unless the woman is accusing a liberal democrat of something. Also let's remember why Paula has had her life upended-she also accuses Bill Clinton of sick actions which deserve a day in court.

From: "Larry R. Phenneger" phenne1@airmail.net
Subject: Paula Jones Campaign


I support the trial, and I'm looking forward to the outcome in the very near future! Keep up the good work, even with the trash I know you've had to put up with.

Larry Phenneger CEO Mistycal Company


Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 21:47:51 -0800
From: Paul Pytlak PEPYTLAK@webtv.net
Subject: Positive Paula Comments

Best wishes to paula..it's good to see someone fight for her principles. This type of integrity is extremely difficult to find today.

Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 21:00:58 -0800
From: netherland@earthlink.net
Subject: Positive Paula Comments

I commend your comprehensive and courageous coverage of Paula Jones' ordeal. It looks like the truth about President Clinton may be inescapable -- the $64,000 question is: will the American citizenry be fair-minded and strong enough to accept it? From the comments I hear, I do wonder ... However, I will proudly sport a lavender ribbon (and risk the wrathful attack of many, when they find out what it signifies!)

Stay strong, Paula!

Holland VanDieren

Paula Jones is an American hero!
Molly <molly@chesco.com>
honey brook, pa USA - Sunday, January 25, 1998 at 21:23:28 (PST)
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 17:44:58 -0700
From: Phil Obenour obie@doitnow.com
Subject: Paula Jones Campaign

Good work on your Website! I don't currently have a website up but I support Paula Jones all the way! What bothers me is, I think (even with all the other women coming forth) that this poor excuse for a president might get away with it! After all, he lied about Jennifer Flowers and we all know how corrupt the Clintons are! And people STILL re-elected "them"....... Mr. Clinton makes Richard Nixon look like a saint!
Keep up the good work and maybe we can all look forward to a time soon when we will see him squirm!

Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 14:08:18 -0700
From: antidemcrt@hotmail.com Subject: I'm Happy For Paula Jones

Probably the happiest woman in the world today is Paula Jones. She has had to put up with such trash talk from the Clinton White House - that I imagine she has found it hard at times to keep the battle going to clear her name. Can you imagine what she has gone through?

Last night I heard Gennifer Flowers say she was grateful that at least in a small way....she re-gained some of her respect after Clinton acknowledged his 12 year liaison with her in his Paula Jones deposition last week. Why did he lie about it for so long? And why did he try to discredit her as some floozy and cheap trash by sending after her such scoundrels as James Carville?

This "creep" (Monica Lewinsky's word) - Clinton - should be dragged thru the streets of Washington DC for his crimes against women and their reputations. These women (Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky) deserved better than what they received. They did not ask for negative publicity...though they did try to seek the glory and comfort of powerful people.

These women are the ones we know about...what about the others out there somewhere who have suffered from his hardball tactics and were afraid to fight back?

Hillary Clinton knows what he is...and she has benefited from his successes, but the others have been penalized beyond any due justified amount.

My support goes out to them....and especially to Paula Jones!


Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 10:19:33 -0500 (EST)
From: Deidre Schwab kylani.cwo@mcione.com
Subject: Paula Jones Campaign

Dear Carolyn,

I found your web page informative and unbiased.

I don't have a web page but wanted to go on record of supporting Paula Jones' right to a fair trial. Thank you for accommodating me in this matter.

Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 23:32:12 -0500
From: Mitzi Kallio mitzikallio@webtv.net
Subject: Paula JonesCampaign

I will have to create a web page now just to display your ribbon!!

And to those who use Paula Jones' looks as the 'evidence' that his royal highness the teflon king would not touch her I only have one question "HAVE YOU SEEN THE PICTURES OF MONICA???????" I see a lot of Paula's features in this child. Why she looks like Paula say 10 years ago! We all have things that turn us on about the opposite sex (unless of course you don't like the opposite sex) and those are the things we look for every time. I guess some men like blondes, some like brunettes, some are boob men, others look for legs. Bill Clinton obviously is turned on by women who look like Paula and Monica, sadly I think he also seeks out women who are vulnerable to powerful men. I hope we don't let him continue to make a mockery of the presidency.

Loved reading your negative mail. Proves once again when liberals can't argue with facts they make personal attacks!

Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 22:43:07 EST
From: TTS216 TTS216@aol.com
Subject: Your negative mail

The vitriolic wit of your contributors to that section proves one thing to me only. Whether or not The President is a sexual harasser, our nation is in serious trouble. It is simply a gut reaction here, but I believe Paula Jones and categorically disbelieve most, if not all, of what the President says.

The incident, if it happened (hell i wasn't there) is 100% in keeping with the President's character.


Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 21:18:05 -0600
From: "paula S. Helms" HelmsAssoc@entercomp.com
Subject: atta girl

I wanted to let you know that we have added your lavender ribbon to our web site. www.entercomp.com/users/HelmsAssoc/ Thank you for standing up for women all over the world, and throughout history. We have been the object of "sexual harassment" for YEARS, CENTURIES, EONS, ETERNITY. Yet, we have not been freed up to actually talk about it until recently. I've been there, I've done that, and unfortunately I've worn the T-shirt! (But I kept my mouth shut, and it happened to the next girl that he hired. :'( We must find it inside of ourselves to realize that when this does occur, that we are not "responsible" for it. Some men are just not capable of having oxygen flow to their brains and their private parts at the same time! Thanks again from your sisterhood. Many blessings, paula Stokes Helms

Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 00:09:16 -0800
From: Survivor survivor@ziggycom.net
Subject: Pet peeve blues

A Peeve: You folks who continue to tell those who disagree with and disapprove of Clinton's actions and lies, etc that they want to "destroy" him. Why is it "destroying?" How about when in 95 and 96 liberals falsely said republicans wanted to "take food away from kids?" Or wanted to "throw seasoned citizens out on the streets?" What do you call the treatment of Justice Thomas? And lets not forget Mr. Newt and the effort to "destroy" him. I believe those making the charges are the guilty ones. By the way, why was Anita Hill so credible and you say Paula Jones isn't? I'll tell you why, Paula Jones has apparently been wronged by our liberal democrat President and has stood up for herself against him, and Miss Hill was after a great conservative judge and everyone didn't want him to be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice. You also forget Presidents Nixon,Reagan, and Bush all had the media,and scores of democrats after them constantly. You people need to chill and look at your own behavior!!

Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 20:40:13 -0500
From: facsdc facsdc@mercury.net
Subject: Paula Jones Campaign

Carolyn, Who do these news services poll? I cannot find anyone who believes Clinton, yet I see these poll numbers and have to wonder who gets asked what they think. Certainly not me or anyone I know. I am in a rather high-profile position and the numbers just don't tally. I sure cannot figure this out other than the fact that someone is lying. In fact I don't know anyone who voted for Clinton. He did not win in my county. Do you know what the deal is? All I see is one humongous travesty of truth. Maybe, some of your people can help me out. I do believe Paula, until I see some evidence that she is a liar and a cheat. We know Clinton is just that. We have two choices. If he cannot recall anything, he is too stupid to be where he is. If these things are true, he needs to be indicted. CatieBeth.

Your site was mentioned on MSNBC on 19 Jan. I came over here to view. I enjoyed your Lavender Ribbon Page (this was the one mentioned on MSNBC). Read the comments from the Clinton Supporters. As a whole, it sounds like a bunch of James Carville-wannabes. Speaking of James Carville: I can understand when Clinton people say he is not working for Clinton. Carville is a total buffoon. Poor Mary Matalin! The fact is: If Clinton did not do such a thing to Jones, then why has he done everything possible to keep this trial from proceeding? Innocent people (especially a President with HIS LARGE LEGAL FUND) have no problem in facing their accusers! Miner Dan
Miner Dan Miner Dan@aol.com
Winter Park, FL USA - Monday, January 19, 1998 at 14:30:47 (PST)
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 23:07:34 -0500
From: sobel sobel@always-online.com
Subject: RE: P.J.

I enjoyed your unbiased assessment of the news on this important issue. I hope that all of these people will testify truthfully during the trial which is likely in May. What a sorry thing for Americans to endure. It is fitting that the people who will pass judgement will be citizens from the state of Arkansas. They sent this awful man to us maybe they'll take him back. It was refreshing to find a web page so insightful and devoid of the strident rhetoric which has become the hallmark of this painful national debate. I will look often for your offerings. Keep up this important work.

Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 13:44:39 -0600 From: Thomas Sweeney telads@aub.mindspring.com
Subject: Paula Jones Campaign


I don't know who these news folks poll, but they haven't polled anyone in our part of the nation. We believe Paula, and do not trust or believe "Bill".

Peggy Rollison

Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 02:16:37 -0600
From: "Karen L. Brauer" (kbrauer@seidata.com)
Subject: Paula Jones Campaign

Paula squeezed some $ out of me for the Rutherford Foundation. That's OK. I hope she puts the screws to the 42nd most ethical president. I have to give her credit for unusual intelligence. Even when she was young, she knew enough to avoid the possibility of catching something from that "left leaning" guy.

Enjoy the page. Paula Jones certainly deserves her day in court just like any other person. Bill Clinton shouldn't get away with something just because he lives in the White House. Notice I didn't call him President!
Ron Stair (rstair@schweg.com)
Batesville, Ar USA - Thursday, January 15, 1998 at 00:32:01 (PST)
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 20:25:16 -0500
From: crewchief (crewchief@theonramp.net)
Subject: Paula Jones Campaign

I don't know why people refuse to believe the president could ever tell a lie. Of course there's a double standard in the Paula Jones case, the same double standard that runs rampant in the Democratic Party.

All you have to do is take a look at ANY Kennedy to see the debauchery that most Liberal Democrats call their daily life.

President Clinton based both his election campaigns on lies, and won. He has gotten so used to lying he doesn't know how to tell the truth any more.

The amazing thing is how people refuse to question his lies, and instead just accept everything he utters as gospel.

I am a retired Navy Vietnam vet, with 20 years of service, and I still can't believe the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces is a Draft Dodging, Womanizing, Pathological Liar. How this man ever got elected is a mystery to me.

I support Paula Jones 100% and hope she gets her day in court.

Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 14:24:53 -0800
From: The Hartshorne Family( hrtshorn@gte.net)
Subject: Mr. Clinton-what trust and what honor????? Stand up for your rights,we honor you!

Hi, I do not have a web site, but I do support Paula Jones in speaking out her rights as a citizen of this great country. Mr... Clinton does not have the trust and honor that many Presidents have had. Every one that voted for him doesn't trust him either. So go for it " Paula Jones " and do NOT GIVE UP! We will be standing with you all the way. I am proud of Paula Jones for standing up to this " want to be President ". Mr... Clinton is no president of mine, no matter how many people have voted for him!
A Proud American Homemaker!

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 18:04:24 EST
From: Innerar485 (Innerar485@aol.com)
Subject: Paula Jones Campaign

I don't have a web page, but Paula Jones is a very courageous young women. I hope and pray that she will win her case.
Jean Stevens

Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 21:22:58 -0800
From: Mike Reith (mreith@castles.com)
Subject: paula jonescampaign

Your site makes an important statement, and I agree with your stance. The Paula Jones tragedy is proof of our corrupt sense of justice and proof that money and power have always ruled over rights. If I had a web site, I would post your ribbon!

Mike Reith

Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 16:22:50 -0600
From: "Daniel S. Shaw" dshaw@ti.com
Subject: (no subject)


Thanks for your web page in support of Paula Jones. I read the outright nasty responses from Clinton supporters. Judging from their tone and limited vocabularies, it's no mystery why they are supportive of Clinton. Hang in there ma'am, your picture on the web just goes to show that brains and beauty are not such a rare combination. Personally, I would relish a successful outcome for Paula Jones in bringing down Clinton's corrupt administration. Perhaps sites like yours will be read by enough people who, unlike your crude critics, who haven't been brainwashed by a liberal-biased media will read and make up their own minds. The tide of public opinion is one that even the Clinton ministry of propaganda would have a hard time beating back. Good work!

Your WEB page is very well done! I really believe that Paula Jones is a great champion in pursuit of women's rights. She didn't put out and was unfortunately thrown out! What kind of leadership is that? Why does a dog like that still have the women's vote? Women should stand up for Paula Jones. I have been passed over for promotion a few times because someone else was sleeping with the boss. That is unprofessional and it happens too often. Clinton should resign and apologize. I wish Paula Jones well in her fight for women's rights in the work place and I encourage other women help her in the great quest. Clinton is a dog who abuses power. He is a sexual pervert, (Exhibitionist) who extorts women. It is also true that he has been bought by other countries, like communist China as shown by the finance reform investigations. If that is the best the Democratic Party can do for women, a change of parties would be a better for the women's vote. The Republicans don't have these problems! Thank You
Joseph Howard (howar@c2i2.com)
Sierra Vista, az USA - Saturday, November 01, 1997 at 13:19:19 (PST)
I really think that Paula Jones has to be fairly strong in stature to carry this out...and, I do think that she is doing the right thing in doing so. To have a president that advocates immorality and really don't care where it takes him with the peopl e of these United States, deserves to be taken to court, but I really doubt that it will instill any moral sense to his so-called intelligence! Just keep in mind...Paula Jones was not the first LADY to get trampled on by this president! When will America a ever wake up?
Sharon L. Tipton (tiptonsl@3lefties.com)
Clovis, NM USA - Tuesday, October 28, 1997 at 00:55:07 (PST)
GEORGE ANN BROWN (jbrown@cpis.net)
Wedgefield, SC USA - Saturday, October 25, 1997 at 11:41:14 (PDT)
October 24, 1998
I revere Paula Jones & her courage. She, not like Monica walked out on his perverted offer. She was not taken by his power, & now she is suffering by being smeared, made fun of, called horrible names etc. I am thrilled to find this site so that I may help her & encourage her. I will donate to her defense fund & I would like to download a ribbon, when I understand more about what I need to do. God bless you & everyone concerned with the FreeRepublic site. I believe we can make a difference. I have been a Democrat for 37yrs. & I am very angry with the Democratic party & this self-serving, perverted, liar Clinton. Power to you & the true patriots of our wonderful country.
Barbara Butler Chaparral, N.M.
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997 17:18:52 PDT
From: (zipper@pacbell.net)
Subject: RE: Paula's lawsuit

Good for you. I'm glad you had the gumption to take a stand for Paula. I have followed the KLINTON's antics in the entire political scenario and I find it amazing that he's the only one who is guilt free and everyone he associates with is wrong. This is what our country has come to when he can win an election with his morals ( and I'm not merely talking bedroom here). We've lost our ethics, and it spells serious problems for us. Even if Klinton is found guilty ( and all evidence points to this as being the correct outcome), his loyal followers will shout, "FOUL". I read your page of negative comments, and it brings to mind a passage from the book of Proverbs. ( I wonder how many of the naysayers will run down and try to check this book out of their library ). I will paraphrase slightly, but essentially it reads: How sad, yes what a pity, to form an opinion without all the facts." While we may never have all the facts, it's important to amass as many as possible before attempting to render judgement. Anyone who is willing to pass a sentence on someone based on gut feeling . . . . well, I just hope they never serve on a jury "OF MY PEERS".

Larry Petersime

Paula Rules! I want to see Clinton's lying, sniffling, lip- quivering self in front of a criminal jury! There is no two ways about it, what he did to Paula Jones is against the law. It's time the women of this country rally behind Paula! We comprise 52% of the population and we need to coordinate efforts and put the pressure on! SLICK WILLY MUST PAY!!!!!
T Baker (TBaker@pmlnola.com) New Orleans, LA USA - Wednesday, September 24, 1997 at 15:20:05 (PDT)
I am a man and support Paula Jones. I hope that she receives the apology from Bill Clinton that she deserves. What puzzles me most is the lack of sympathy she gets from other women.
Tom James (tomjames@kingpress)
Joplin, MO USA - Wednesday, September 24, 1997 at 14:45:57 (PDT)
Hang tough with head high Paula. Bring Clinton to his knees like he wanted you to do. Give 'em hell.
Ship (ship@Steelers.fan.org)
Raleigh, NC USA - Wednesday, September 24, 1997 at 13:50:27 (PDT)
Has anyone considered Paula Jones for higher office? I think she may be a good choice on these bases: 1. Integrity. Pamela Harriman became ambassador to France by virtue of sleeping around with a lot of high powered politicians. Paula got in trouble by refusing to compromise her integrity. Shouldn't there be some reward for this? 2. Intelligence. Most of the elite liberal media's complaint about Paula is that she is "distracting" the President from his duties. The elite liberal media also say the President is highly intelligent, and cite his Rhodes Scholarship as proof. If Pau la can so distract the President, she must be smarter than him.
Jim Unger (jchasu@sprynet.com)
South Euclid, Oh USA - Saturday, September 27, 1997 at 12:39:37 (PDT)
Paula C. Jones needs to stay in there and fight as the truth about William J. B. Clinton needs to come out for all of these women to like him to see precisely what they are supporting. I think that anyone who treats women that way deserves scorn not support. It is high time that decent people stand up along side of Paula, rather than ignore her. The NOW supporters need to ask themselves just what it was that they supported in the last election. It sure as hell was not someone who respected or supported women because he hangs them like trophies on a wall. Think about it!
D. E. Hubbell Arkansas City, KS USA - Thursday, September 25, 1997 at 06:59:04 (PDT)
I found your site through clintonontrial.com, which I heard about on the Rush Limbaugh show today. You go, girl :):):):) I'm putting the lavender ribbon on all three of my Sites! Keep up the good work!
Bruce V. Bracken (bvbracken@hotmail.com)
Amarillo, TX USA - Wednesday, September 24, 1997 at 20:28:24 (PDT)
I think the treatment Paula Jones has received from the president, the media and NOW (national association for women aka: NAG) gang is really horrible. The whole thing shows how much political power can be abused. Paula deserves her day in court. Besides, something should be developed on the angle that Clinton is "commander-in-chief." His military is sending service members to prison, etc. for doing the same thing he has been doing for years. I am not saying that nobody should be punished because nothing is being done to Clinton. What I am saying is that Clinton needs to start getting what he is dishing out, and punishing others for!
DAN EDWARD HUBBELL (paroleofficer1@exterminator.net)
Wichita, KS USA - Wednesday, September 24, 1997 at 18:48:11 (PDT)
I was fortunate to read the actual affidavit Paula filed against Der Hickster. What he did after he dropped trou and said kiss is was even worse than the trou dropping. He stalked her for months or years. He is a very evil person - will not call him a man. Took our three teens to Carlsbad Caverns and every time they saw a stalagmite they said "Kiss it!" Reminded them of our POTUS. Even kids know what is going on in our capitol. I wish more adults were as smart. Can't remember ever having such a slimey pres. It is scary. We can't afford four more years of him.
barbara tiemeier (thebuffmom@hotmail)
lake jackson, tx USA - Wednesday, September 24, 1997 at 17:48:30 (PDT)
Thanks for the ribbon GIFs. Paula has more support than she knows.
Jim (jim@dahtcom.com)
Houston, TX USA - Wednesday, September 24, 1997 at 17:07:03 (PDT)
Dear Paula, I support you and hope you prevail against Bill Clinton...
M. M. Metzger (mmetzger@ctlnet.com) Silver Lake, IN USA - Wednesday, September 24, 1997 at 13:21:03 (PDT)
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 14:01:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mascanio@aol.com
Subject: Paula Jones Campaign

Hi Carolyn. I don't have a web site, but I support Paula Jones whole heartedly. I'm so pleased (but not surprised) that she proved the case is not about money when she turned down the $700,000 offered by the harasser's lawyer. I want to say, "Hang in there, Paula. Make that cretin in the White House, FOR ONCE IN HIS LIFE, be held accountable for his despicable actions."

Everyone in the media seems to forget that Bill was Paula's boss when he propositioned her. He told her that he knew her direct supervisor. He harassed her several other times, in other meetings she had to attend in her employment capacity. He is a sexual predator, through and through, and really needs some psychological help.

Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 12:33:27 -0500
From: Stan Metcalf (stan@digdyn.com)
Subject: Paula Jones Campaign

What a wonderful Web Page! As soon as I heard about it, I rushed to the computer and checked it out. I'm so glad there is such support for Paula Jones. Its enough to make me think seriously of putting up a page of my own. And of course I got a copy of the ribbon in case I do. :)

Thanks again, for making this available, and for all the work involved.

Stan Metcalf

Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 17:34:14 -0400
From: John E Ritenour (johner@shentel.net)
Subject: Paula Jones Campaign

I liked your Web Site. Paula Jones is entitled to her day in court, just as Bill Clinton is entitled to his. I hope that whatever the truth is in this matter, that it comes to life and is presented openly, fairly, and honestly. I think many folks have failed to head the warnings of almighty God, who instructed the Prophet Isaih to write:

(Isa 59:4 KJV) None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity.

If you examine Bill Clinton's conduct over the course of his life, I would have to say it is a pretty fair bet that it does not inspire confidence in his innocence.

Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 17:11:49 -0500
From: Daniel Norton (orlo34@flash.net)
Subject: Paula Jones Campaign

I vote is for Paula Jones!
Those scummy lawyers that quit her case were only interested in MONEY. This is the case with most lawyers. I consider Paula an up standing citizen, mother and wife that DOES NOT run around on her mate. To bad we can't say the same thing about our disgusting president. I know when he's lying---his lips are moving.

Great web site! Very well written too. I'm glad to see some eloquence on our side.

Dave Stoops SSN594@aol.com dcstoop@wt.net

Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 21:30:11 -0700
From: Tom Chaney (TomChaney@att.net)
Subject: Paula Jones Campaign

Stumbled onto your site while following links. Bravo! Glad to see someone taking up the good fight. Especially enjoyed reading the E-mails from the naysayers. Their own words are more damning (and damn entertaining) than anything you could have said about them. I will be back from time to time to check in. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 10:41:44 -0500
From: Jeff.Kretchman@ctc.cummins.com
Subject: Paula Jones Campaign

Superbly excellent site! Very thorough in content and pleasing to the eye. Congratulations.

I admire Paula Jones for her courage and turning down the temptation for so much money. Even one were not financially motivated, it would be tempting to have so much money waved in front of one's face. My fear is that "Slick Willy" will somehow craft an apology for the court (WHEN HE LOSES) that somehow gives the indication that he's only saying this to comply with the terms of the apology...not that he's truly repentent or even admitting guilt.

You are very wise to stick to the facts of the case and not getting caught up in emotionalism, get-even-ism and the highly charged rhetoric of the Left, especially that clown Carville. If you ask me, Paula Jones has 10X the character he has!!!
Jeff Kretchman, Indianapolis, IN

Hi Carolyn: What a great site you put together. My wife and I were voting democrats when we arrived in Arkansas seven years ago. Within two years, we became aware of Bill Clinton's legacy here in Arkansas. To make a long story short, we must thank Bill for giving us the incentive to come to our senses and finally see the democratic leadership for what it is. And also to find a good reason to change our political affiliation.

Sadly, Paula Jones is probably not alone in the type of harassment she received from Clinton. I guess she exercised poor judgement, however, in going to his room the way she did. Even then, Clinton's reputation for being a womanizer was widespread in Arkansas. One just shouldn't take chances in the face of such a known predator. Still, he had no right to subject her to his impulses. Whatever the outcome, it's really a no-win situation, because it is likely that Clinton will never admit to wrong-doing because, well, it's not in him to know what is decent behavior.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed that the truth will prevail, that decency still means something, and that transgressions will be met with just punishment. Then Paula and her family need to heal, and move on with their lives.

Best regards,
Jaime Jackson

Paula Jones is a great person! Seriously, there are not two many people that would put themselves on "front street" standing up to that morally crippled waist of space Clinton because of his command of the liberal media who have protected him (for the most part) up until now. Tell Paula Jones to hang in there because the more pressure on Clinton the better.
DAN E. HUBBELL (sogteama1@aol.com)
Wichita, KS USA - Tuesday, October 21, 1997 at 21:48:36 (PDT)
Although I don't have time to check the entire site, I am very impressed and have bookmarked it. Keep up the fight for Paula, she needs all the help she can get, especially when she has the entire US gov't fighting against her. Impeach Clinton, Impeach Reno. Cheers!
Don Hatten (hattend@syix.com)
Yuba City, CA USA - Saturday, October 11, 1997 at 16:57:39 (PDT)
Your web site is very well designed, interesting and provocative (obviously), and very well done. Paula Jones deserves every woman's supp ort in her fight against Bill Clinton and a sexist society in general.
Laurel (lconnett@students.wisc.edu)
Madison, WI USA - Thursday, October 02, 1997 at 18:51:13 (PDT)
Go Paula,you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeanne Harrington (gasblaster@hotmail.com)
ct USA - Tuesday, July 08, 1997 at 13:57:19 (PDT)
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 09:18:47 -0400
From: Jack Winnie
Subject: Paula Jones Campaign

I am in full agreement that this case should be run to the fullest degree, the government thinks that Mr. Clinton is not under the laws of our United States, if he gets away with this one the next President will try something else and get away with it. After while all that run for President of the United States will be no better than the ons that are in prison for CSC. When will it all stop, don't let them get away with it, soon they will also get away with murder then what will be next? When will it all end? Rev. jack W. Winnie

Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 11:20:54 -0700
From: Charles Oliver
Subject: Paula Jones Campaign

Very Happy to see this Web Page. I agree there is a double standard on this issue.

The double standard has many puzzling aspects -- particularly when an Air Force officer with a sterling career has been blasted in the press for falling in love with another woman over 13 years ago! Amazing!

Also recall what happened to former-Sen. Bob Packwood of Oregon.

As a lawyer, I believe such alleged conduct raises several criminal issues of: battery, indecent exposure, lewd conduct, using state police for procurement, conspiracy to engage in such conduct, and possibly obstruction of justice to cover up such conduct. If there really are repeated incidents, it appears the alleged perpetrator might have to register as a sexual offender.

Shall we wonder if such conduct rises to the level of a "high crime and misdemeanor" under the Constitution?

Paula Jones deserves every Americans admiration for her courage in taking on the most unethical man ever to live in the white house.
Tim Collins (timcollins@juno.com)
Roxboro, NC USA - Wednesday, June 11, 1997 at 09:51:38 (PDT)