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Violence, the threat of violence, or harassment is wrong - whether it be from a pro-life or a pro-choice person. I make no excuses for any act or threat of violence done by a pro-life person. However pro-choicers are not totally innocent either, and such actions, when committed by a pro-choice person, are also wrong.

*** Report on pro-choice violence. This link contains a LOT more information than presented on this page.
For Whom The Bell Tolls? Not For Pro-life Victims!
Pro-Choice Protestor Assaults Pro-Life Advocates 02/05/01

Santa Cruz, CA -- A pro-abortion man was arrested Saturday on suspicion of battery against pro-life advocates.

A 37-year-old man named James Wilson was arrested after he allegedly punched and kicked two members of Voice For Life, a pro-life group protesting in front of the Sutter Maternity & Surgery Center abortion facility in Santa Cruz, California.

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office said Wilson also brandished a knife and told one protester he was going to stab him. Wilson was arrested on suspicion of battery and brandishing a knife, both misdemeanors.
San Jose Mercury News; February 5, 2001
Right to Life Office in Kentucky Vandalized Three Times 02/02/01

Louisville, KY -- Employees of Kentucky Right to Life found spray-painted profanity across the front of the building containing their office yesterday -- the third act of vandalism there since Jan. 22, they said.

Louisville police are looking into the incidents and are patrolling the area more frequently, said Maj. Mike Dossett, commander of the 1st District. The office is at 134 Breckenridge Lane, near Frankfort Avenue.

Dossett said officers took reports of criminal mischief yesterday and on Jan. 22. He asked that anyone with information on the crimes to call Louisville police.

"It makes you uneasy," said John Graham, the administrative assistant for Kentucky Right to Life.

The vulgarity discovered yesterday was spray-painted in green across the front of the brick building and was directed at "God and his slaves," Graham said.

On Wednesday, employees at a business across the street alerted the Right to Life office that a similar message, this time aimed at "the right," had been painted on a side window. Because it was not severe, it was not reported to police, Graham said. Both times the messages included profanity.

On Jan. 22 workers arrived to find pink paint splattered on the office's front windows. Graham said it looked as if paint balls had been shot at the glass. It caused $300 damage.

Graham, who has worked at the office for seven years, said vandals have targeted the office before. The front windows have been shot out five times over the years, leading the pro-life organization to install shatterproof glass, he said.

For more information, contact: Kentucky Right to Life Association, 134 Breckinridge Lane, Louisville, KY 40207, (502) 895-5959
Louisivlle Courier Journal; February 2, 2001
Clinic escorts harass pro-lifers
The Purveying of Pro-choice "Tolerance"
What About Jan's Car?
California Crisis Pregnancy Center Receives Bomb Threat, Others Vandalized
Source: San Francisco Chronicle
Page A16

Police in four Bay Area cities are investigating overnight graffiti attacks on four clinics that counsel women about alternatives to abortions.

The graffiti was discovered early yesterday -- the 26th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's pro-abortion ruling in Roe vs. Wade. Police said the attacks are unusual because usually it is pro-choice clinics that are targeted.

``We're very concerned about this because it's really different than anything we're used to,'' said Union City Police Captain Connie Van Putten. Her department is investigating the vandalism at Pregnancy Choices Clinic Counseling Care, which also received a telephoned bomb threat yesterday.

``You don't hear too much of the pro-life (clinics) being targeted like this,'' she said.

Along with the Union City center, the other vandalized clinics were located in San Francisco, San Jose and Concord. The clinics were vandalized sometime between early Thursday evening and yesterday morning. At the Union City clinic, workers arrived in the morning to find the building and its windows sprayed with black and red paint.

The messages included ``Abortion is a Right'' and ``Lies Told Here.'' The building was also pasted with flyers for local pro-choice clinics and an epoxy-like substance was smeared over door locks.

Similar graffiti was found at the other three clinics, police said.

Pregnancy Choices Clinic Counseling Care also received a bomb threat at 10:50 a.m. yesterday, just a few hours after the graffiti was discovered. Workers at the clinic and surrounding buildings were evacuated for about an hour while police searched for a bomb, but none was found, Van Putten said.

Linda Bertolami, president of the Union City clinic, said the nonprofit Christian organization is a licensed medical center that provides free support services to pregnant women.

Bertolami said she would not call the clinic ``pro-life'' because ``it is a political term.'' She characterized the clinic as being ``an alternative to abortion.''

The clinic, which has operated for 16 years, provides pregnancy testing, counseling, prenatal care and free maternity and baby clothing.

Personal note - a clinic that gives FREE HELP to women in need is attacked?! I thought pro-choicers complained that pro-lifers don't help women!
A 35-year-old woman was arrested in Huntsville, Alabama and charged with murdering 51-year-old Jerry Simon, a minister who had been co-hosting with his wife a daily radio program and who was very active in the pro-life movement. Police were held at bay by pro-choice activist Eileen Orstein Janezic, the alleged killer, for six hours.
World, Sept. 18, 1993.
By Paul Likoudis
The Wanderer
Thursday, December 3, 1998

Right in the middle of a coordinated media campaign to vilify America's pro-life citizens as bombers, arsonists, and murderers, a Miami businessman pleaded guilty Oct. 28th in federal court in Trenton, N.J., to committing insurance fraud and authorizing unsafe medical practices at an abortion facility he owned here.

Alan I. Weisberg, who will be sentenced on Jan. 29th, could face up to one year in jail and fines equal to double the amount for which he bilked five insurance companies and health maintenance organizations.

Weiselberg, who remains the prime suspect in the April 22nd, 1991 arson of his Woodbridge, N.J. clinic, which caused more than $500,000 worth of damage, was not charged with the arson because the statute of limitations on the blaze had expired.

As local writer Rick Malwitz observed in a Nov. 8th newspaper column: "There was never any evidence that linked the fire to anyone in the pro-life movement, according to persons involved in the investigation."

Nevertheless, the Woodbridge clinic was featured on a map of the United States depicting "anti-abortion violence" - clinic bombings, arsons, and shootings - printed in most mass-circulation magazines and newspapers. The map was provided by the University of Illinois and distributed via Associated Press in the aftermath of the slaying of Buffalo abortionist Barnett Slepian.

"However," continued Malwitz, "when investigators looked at the operation of the clinic, they found violations potentially more serious than an arson with no injuries." Agents from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, continued Malwitz, "discovered illegal medical procedures, including the reuse of instruments that were intended to be discarded after each abortion procedure."

When a pre-dawn fire destroyed the abortion facility, pro-abortion zealots in the state immediately blamed violent pro-lifers for the blaze.

The head of New Jersey Right to Choose screamed that it was the work of "religious zealots." "This is like Hitler." said an outraged clinic employee. And not to be outdone, New Jersey's then- Gov. Jim Florio announced, "None of us can be silent in the face of such purposeful violence."
Indianapolis school evacuated after anthrax threat
An account of the attempted shooting of a pro-life protester in Baton Rouge.

Pro-life activists picketing an abortion clinic in Aurora were threatened on March 21 1998 as an abortion rights supporter drew a gun after asking if a pro-lifer holding a sign depicting an aborted child was "ready to die." Police arrested Justin Jordan after receiving his license plate number from the pro-lifers and he turned over the gun to police. Most local media outlets chose to ignore the story.

After yelling threats at various demonstrators from his car, the abortion rights supporter called out to activist Randy Means carrying a sign showing Baby Malachi, ordering him to take the sign away. When Means failed to comply, the driver then asked Means if he were afraid to die to which means responded "No, I am here in the service of my Lord and I have him as my Savior." The assailant then drew a Colt 45 and aimed it at Means saying, "Are you sure you are ready to die?" After keeping the gun aimed at Means for some time he drove off.

For more information contact Dennis Duehning
Law also protects pro-life people

Associated Press

New Jersey -- A federal law aimed at protecting abortion supporters from threats and violence must also be used to protect pro-life supporters, a federal judge ruled Thursday.

A Hasbrouck Heights woman who received death threats because she helped women with pregnancy counseling and prenatal assistance won the landmark ruling when U.S. District Judge Maryanne Trump Barry said she deserved the same protection against violence the federal government guarantees to employees of abortion facilities.

The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act was enacted in 1994 in response to a rising number of attacks at abortion facilities. It bans all use of threats, blockades, and other violence at these sites.

Janet Greenhut's civil case marks the first time pro-life supporters have used the law against someone on the pro-abortion side, legal experts said.

The case centered on two midnight telephone calls Greenhut received in January 1995, when, as a volunteer for Birthright of Maywood, she provided helpful pregnancy counseling and drove young pregnant women to prenatal appointments. A pro-abortion woman left this message: "Janet, get your pro-lifers away from our clinics or we will kill you," according to police transcripts.

The woman called back later: "You will be killed," the transcript said.

The caller, Alice Hand, an abortion advocate who volunteered at a Suffern, N.Y., abortion facility, also threatened the life of another Birthright worker in Nanuet, N.Y., as well as a priest in Suffern, according to police records.

Hand pleaded guilty to harassment and making terroristic threats and was sentenced to probation, Teich said. Officers said they did not believe she planned to carry out any of the threats.

Greenhut wasn't satisfied with the conviction. She pressed the civil case in federal court because she wanted to prove a point: She wanted the same protection that abortion proponents have received under the law.

"A lot of the pro-abortionists are capable of inducing terror and I was truly terrorized by what she did," she said.

Barry agreed, awarding Greenhut $5,000 for each of the two phone calls. "For the first time, FACE is being invoked to penalize threats directed against a pro-life volunteer," Barry wrote in her decision. Barry ruled that it should also include programs that offer alternatives to abortion.

"When we brought this suit, the most common reaction was, 'The law doesn't apply to pro-lifers.' We have proven them wrong," said Russell J. Passamano, Greenhut's attorney. "Pro-lifers are threatened all the time," he said. "They need protection from this violence."

Pro-choice person calls in his own bomb threats.

A documented incident in Los Angeles several years ago showed that Frank Mandiola called several abortion clinics and pro-choice leaders -- including himself -- with bomb threats. When caught, he was presented by the newspaper as being a poor confused dear who had caused a lot of problems but whose heart was in the right place, since he was wanting to have the media come down harder on prolifers. The idea that this was a slander against prolifers didn't occur to the court or to the reporter. To the contrary, the reporter was quick to say there was some truth in what he was doing, since the media had paid attention in other parts of the country. (Los Angeles Times, December 10, 1987).

So in other words, the media seems to think that it's ok for pro-choicers to lie about pro-lifers, and to claim that they are being threatened when they are not. Can anyone imagine what would happen if a pro-lifer pulled this kind of stunt?


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