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LinkExchange Has Now Accepted a Previously Censored Banner!

Link Exchange had rejected the following banner on October 06, 1997:
Below is the letter which was sent rejecting the banner:

Thank you for submitting your banner to the LinkExchange network. Although your web site is acceptable, we are not able to accept your banner into our network at this time (please be aware that full membership in the LinkExchange network is contingent upon banner submission and approval).

Our members' banners are displayed on a network of over 100,000 different web sites. In order to insure that each banner advertised is acceptable to that audience, we insist that all banners are generally acceptable to the vast majority of our network members.

For example, the banner which you wish to advertise over the LinkExchange network must not contain curse words or inflammatory content. In addition, unacceptable language or unacceptable imagery such as nudity; sexual imagery or graphic depictions of gruesome or sanguinary content will be cause for banner rejection, regardless of context.

We would like to complete your application for membership as soon as possible. Could you please redesign your banner and submit it to us again, so that we can begin advertising your web site?

If you are already an active member of the LinkExchange network, your old banner will continue to be advertised until a new one is processed.

Does the above banner fit into LinkExchange's definition of "offensive"? Is there unacceptable language or unacceptable imagery such as nudity; sexual imagery or graphic depictions of gruesome or sanguinary content in the above banner?

So, after the banner was rejected and posted on this boycott site, the site owner (Denton) sent Link Exchange a page long Word Document, which said:

Quote from Denton"
"It said, in so many words what the heck is the problem with this stupid thing. (banner) At the end I told them if they did not let me post it, I would post Ban Liberal LinkExchange on every html document I currently have, and on anything I ever will have."
A few weeks later, Denton got a response from Link Exchange. Apparently she (Marissa) could not read the MS Word document he had sent her, so the Denton converted it to html for her, a copy of his graphic, and a copy of the Queer Street graphic (with BI-sexual nuns).

Link Exchange suddenly accepted the banner within hours of reading Denton's document

As Denton told me, "This boycott you have going must have had some effect - check out the response (within two hours after I sent her the html copy)" (below)

"Hi Denton, We have rereviewed this banner and we have found it acceptable for our network. I cannot figure out why it was deemed unacceptable. If you would like me to resubmit this banner for you, please let me know. :) Sorry for the mistake.

So, perhaps the boycott is working!