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Link Exchange has Censored Another Conservative Banner!

Below is the Banner:

Below is the response that the banner's creator, Jack "Wild Man" Gilligan sent in response to Link Exchange rejecting his banner:

>For example, the banner must not contain curse words .

The word "Sucks" is so tame it can be used in children's shows

>or inflammatory >content

Then I suppose you consider yourself a Liberal "Spin Doctor" or perhaps you love Bill Clinton so much that you think anything depicting him in a negative light is "inflammatory".

What IS your definition of "Inflammatory" ?

>This includes slander towards indiduals, public figures or >companies.

What is "slanderous" about saying "Clinton Sucks" or a general statement about "spin doctors"? I slandered no one.

What is really interesting is that you find nothing offensive about my web site, which is quite harsh to your beloved Bill Clinton, and his minions, such as Janet Reno.

Why do you accept banners that praise the Leftist/Socialist/Marxist/Communist side, bash God and Christianity (held more sacred by MORE people than will ever share YOUR twisted censorous worldview) while censoring Conservative/Libertarian banners?

>Suggestive imagery such as women in lingerie/bathing suits is >also unacceptable.

There was none of that.

>We would like to complete your application for membership as soon as >possible. Please redesign your banner and resubmit it, so that we can >begin advertising your web site.

>If you are already an active member of the LinkExchange network, your old >banner will continue to be advertised until a new one is processed.

>If you have any questions or comments, please use the feedback form >located at:

I have removed the LE code from my page. It will stay gone until you either:

1. Post my banner
2. Prove to me WHY my banner violates your policy

Should you fail to meet my request, I will boycott LE, and any business that uses LE. I will contact as many of them as I can, and inform them of your policy of censorship. The Internet is a revolution of free exchange of ideas and information. If LE seeks to restrict or suppress views that you do not agree with, you are a lone surfer trying to surf against a 1,000 mile wide tsunami. The end result of such policy is obvious.


Michael L. Blair
A.K.A Jack "Wild Man" Gilligan