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U love this page!

I gotta update more. Happy Spring.
Do not take your car to Jiffy Lube - for anything. I took my car in for an oil change on Feb 25. I made the mistake of allowing them to replace the pcv valve. The next day, my car would not start. I called Jiffy Lube and they came out and fixed the valve which hey had not attached properly, causing the car not to start. I just heard from the garage which towed my car the day before yesterday - the reason my car wouldn't start on 3/03 was yet another thing related to the brains at Jiffy Lube not knowing how to do anything right with the pcv valve. (won't go into boring details). I hope Jiffy Lube doesn't mind reimbursing me for the repairs to my car....
It was supposed to start snowing this afternoon and keep going until Tuesday but now the snow is supposed to be mostly rain. (good).
Working on web ring stuff today... this is going to take forever :(
Well gosh. My car decided to die while I was out last night seeing the Scared Turtles. (me dancing around.. that wasn't my fault! Denise made me do it ;) Stop laughing Lou, it wasn't my fault!) Well, I don't think it (the car) is just won't start ("Hi...AAA?...") Sounds like it might be the fuel pump or something. This information is completely useless, I know. I don't have much time to do much ring maintenance today (see entries below about my web rings).. this lame little entry is about it for today.

Am I the only person on the Internet who doesn't use one of those cool journal proggies? ( like blogger).
10pm - I started the transition to Ringsurf for my other ring! Now I am going to bed. Zzzzzzzzzz
Made it back to the office by 9:30am! My friend Georg stopped by my office on his way to NY to say hi and have breakfast, and I'm drinking coffee :)
It's 6:30am! I am going home to take a shower and feed my poor little goldfish! Yippie.
It's 2:45am!! Yes it is - and I finally have things all set and in motion for the web ring transition I have been promising for months. I couldn't stand it any longer (kind of like the front page of my web site ;) ) and I am sure the members of my ring were just so dang tired of me promising to get everything set to move to Ringsurf and not getting it done! I still have to finish the transition for my other ring, but I have most of the work done. (this is all Yahoos! fault for taking over and taking making it difficult for ring managers to fully manage large rings!). So far only about 40 e-mails from the mass mailing I sent out to my members (approx. 750! ) have bounced back. Not bad :)

I also spent a good portion of yesterday and the day before getting rid of dead links on my web site (thank goodness for Linkbot). Between redoing my front page, fixing what seemed like 3000 dead links, and this web ring thing, plus working in front of a PC all day (you know, my job...), I feel like I am becoming one with the computer. Oh yeah - and I am in the midst of reformatting the hard drive on my home PC (wait - then how can I be on-line at 2:45 if I am formatting my drive? Don't ask - just assume insanity). Now if I can just tackle my continually out of control e-mail... (ha ha! yeah, me managing my e-mail...suuuureee.)
I finally sat down and did it - yes I did. It isn't what I would call a massive revamp but I had to do SOMETHING... so this isn't what I would consider the final product, but at least my MAIN PAGE has finally been changed!!! After 3 years of the same basic layout (yes, I know that's pathetic) I finally just sat down and threw something different together. And no, I did not pose for the shot on the front of the site! That was a completely random office cam shot, caught by no other than Mike. If you visit Mike's site you'll also notice some *ahem* similarities between his main page and mine. I admit -- his was there first, and he gave me pe rmission to use his ideas. "Carolyn," he said, "You can steal anything you want from my site -- pretend it didn't come from my site... anything you want just CHANGE THAT STALE FRONT PAGE!!" Ok, he really didn't say that but he might have been thinking it :) Annnnd...for all those who adore my site...(all 3?)...wait no longer! Now you can get your very own Carolyn's Little World icon for your web site! See? (look below)
I know that everyone wants to link to me now that I changed my front page! (ha!) So take the icon, use it, link it. Thank you Mike for making this icon! (yes, there's that Mike again)

Hey LOU! What are we going to do with all the home brew now? ;) You guestbook junkie you.
I am FINALLY migrating my web rings to Ring Surf this week before all my members kill me. I am not looking forward to this because between both rings, there are approx. 1,000 sites :(
*WAVING* Hi, yes, I'm here. So what's been going on? Well today the dude who was emailing me and telling me how he wanted to kill me, (how dare I post a web site with opinions he doesn't like! I must smack myself!) and who then emailed a family mem ber decided that ha ha! He was going to beat my nasty mail block and snail mail me his next message to my office. What a wave of brilliance that man had. I appreciated the postmark though.

I HATE THE FRONT PAGE OF MY WEB SITE!! It's OLD and I want to stay right here until it's different - I don't care if the new page is butt ugly but I can NOT stand it anymore. My whole web site is a mess actually, so I am attempting to clean some of it up. . somehow.

function startBitchsession()
      if(dsl = no)
        bitchmode = on;
02/06 - Beer.

02/05 - One of my friends fell off the roof!
It snowed. It wasn't supposed to. Of course, when the forecast calls for 30 feet of snow and everyone runs out to the supermarket to buy eggs, bread and milk (why eggs bread and milk?? Is that what people want to eat when stranded? Not that anyone would a ctually be stranded...NJ isn't exactly the snow capital of the world) it doesn't snow. So today it snowed quite a bit and the plows weren't ready, the salt trucks weren't ready, and of course the drivers weren't ready.. though the drivers are never ready in NJ. (OH MY GOSH! SNOW!!! OH NO! HOW WILL WE DRIVE?!) So the roads weren't plowed and everyone saw snow (OH MY GOSH! SNOW!) and started to drive home and the roads got all jammed up. So I crawled home and stayed there.

02/03 - I went skiing. I skied once before when I was 11 and didn't like it... but guess what? I found out that skiing rules!! I barely even notice the bruises on my leg..see, I was trying to learn speed control on one of the larger hills...when I was unable to control my speed, I wiped out on purpose so I could stop :) I then went to see my friend Lou and Joe W's band Time Warp! <-- plug for my friends. Oh and special thanks to Sean for saving me from the "dude" and his "boys" ;)

02/01 - I turned 30 (aaaiiieeeee!!!) I may be 30 but I still went and jumped around at one of Octane's shows. Thanks for the b-day wish during "Break Stuff" Bob and Anthony!

01/31 - "Shadow of the Vampire" is a cool movie

01/30 - Thanks for the early b-day dinner, Sean and Lou.

One day my friends (all 2 of them!) are going to kill me for posting messages to them on my web site...

Excitement abounds.

01/15 - I was sick. I am not today (01/16). I feel like complaining though, about the fact that everyone around me can get @Home cable modem access but I can't because I am one of the 5 people who has to use AT&T cable instead of Comcast here in NJ. ( Nothing against AT&T, their digital cable is great but they don't offer cable modem access!) Thanks to regulated cable services, I am not allowed to switch to Comcast.

01/14 - My stupid dsl line has been down MONTH (the dsl saga will be available shortly) And to everyone talking about how PSN sucks (they went bankrupt) on - just changing the DNS server won't fix the problem for me for some reason - I tried that! Help me! Telocity says my transfer won't take place for at least another week! And I can't get cable (see above)

01/13 - I played Greed and a Greed party! (what a perfect game for a materialistic conservative like me - or all conservatives actually since we're all materialistic meanies!)

01/12 Missed my friend's band Time Warp because I was tired after only 3 hours of sleep (see below)

01/11 - Had trouble sleeping after stupid things going on all day.

01/10 - Ummm...Hmmm...
We interrupt this journal thing for a very important message:
Discovered at last!!! It's........ (drum roll....)
Iron Smiley Chef

Brenda. I c u in my journal. i no u like it even tho i don't c u around the net alot now. i bet u think i am cool now that i was in canada. one of the link on my site to your site is dead. e-mail me the link please. i no u want to. guess which one it is.

Hey it's SNOWING! Oh GOODY - I want more snow! I wish I was FLYING somewhere like last week! I'm so HAPPY that it started snowing on Friday so it will be more of a pain to actually go somewhere and attempt to have a life!

On another note, I am in the agonizing process of entering all my ribbon information into a database so I can more easily update the page, because right now, updating the ribbon page is a &!&^! pain, so I put off updating it, an d wind up with a page of dead links and an e-mail box full of ribbon links to add. The new page will also allow people to sort by ribbon color, etc. Exciting, eh? I'm from Canada, eh? Right, eh? Hey Mike, what's up, eh? That cologne was awesome wasn't it, eh? I love unions, eh?
Happy New Year. I just got back from Canada, where I spent a few days with my friends Mike and Lisa!

The story of my flight on Dec 30 2000
My flight to Canada was originally scheduled for 9:55am. I then changed it to 1:40pm due to the weather forecast which predicted heavy snow in the early morning that would end by the afternoon. I then switched it BACK to 9:55am when the forecast changed t o heavy snow starting in the morning and lasting all day! So I was finally set... time to schedule one of the airport shuttle services...
"Hi, Rapid Rover?" Ha. There were NO Rapid Rovers available to take me to the airport (they were all booked!!) for my 9:55am flight so my dad drove me (thanks Dad) and we had to leave before 7am since we had no idea how bad the roads would be later. The 9:55am flight was delayed until 11am....and AFTER we had all boarded and started to go over to the de-icing area, the flight was cancelled! (Pilot "Hi folks. Got some bad news... this flight has just been cancelled so we're going to back the plane up and let you back off at the gate where you can reschedule your flight..." The people on the plan e throw fits.) I was then put on the 1:40pm flight AGAIN, which didn't leave until after 2:40pm...I finally got to Canada at 4pm after spending a wonderful day at the Philadelphia airport.

Things three people will understand: The Iron Chef rules...."quison?" (or whatever he was saying) "Go ahead." "The Iron Chef says he's using garlic, chocolate, peanuts and pasta for this dish." Is he laughing or choking after he bites that big yellow pepper? Canada rocks except for buying boots. Offending the neighbors with union comments. The Retro Boogathon. "Really, 'The Woman in Black' is so scary!" Animal what?! It looks like vanilla ice cream with rainbow jimmies out front. Of all the days in the year to fly, I pick the day of the biggest snowstorm. Phoenix Claws... oh, you mean chicken feet? Get out of the kitchen now, Mike. I can't move for 5 hours because of the cats. Sleeping with a purring cat on my head. No I'm not asleep!!! Zzzzz. I can't believe you didn't wake me up when Jim stopped by at 3a m.... wait, you invited him back over!? My flight is at 9:55... no wait 1:40... no wait, 9:55... no wait, 1:40...

Let's see if this year, I can keep this site updated a bit better, and finally redo my old, stale front page. My updates on my web site were rather pathetic during 2000.

Work is even cooler now that the flubber goo is all cleaned up!