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Mike and Lisa drove all the way from Ontario to spend a week with Carolyn.
The trip coincided with Jeff Cummings' wedding. Jeff is a mutual on-line friend
of Mike and Carolyn, and a strangely frequent visitor to Carolyn's guestbook.
Incidently, Mike and Carolyn have been friends for a few years now -
but this was the first time they'd ever met in person. Cool, non?


Mike and Lisa

Jeff and Jesse

Them, again.

Ditto this one.

Mike, Jeff and
some guy.

Mike, as seen
by Carolyn after
14 martinis.*

The Happy Couple

Mike, strategically located
in front of the ladies room


Mike and Lisa.

Some anonymous girl,
Lisa, Carolyn and Mike

Mike, Lisa, and

Lisa, Mike, Carolyn
and Anthony.
Despite the way it looks, Carolyn IS
standing on her own.

Anthony and Joe
(Joe and Anthony for you dyslexics)

Mike, as seen by
Carolyn after
8 more martinis.*

Sorry, 9 more.*

Okay, maybe 10.*

Everyone enjoys The Rockets.

Some more than others
(actually this is Bob, the drummer
for the band, a good friend and
colleague of Carolyn's)

I think we're up
to 12 here.*

Good friends.

* Carolyn didn't have any martinis, let alone two dozen of them. She is a responsible person, and in fact only had a couple of girlie-girl wines the entire time we were out, from about 10pm til 4am.
I just thought you ought to know that.