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Halloween 1999
Behold my glory...
Evil and Good :)
Guess who Joe and I are supposed to be. (hint: think good and evil) These are pictures from two of the Halloween parties I attended. I'm still waiting to receive some more pictures from someone (hi DAVE) that were taken at the annual NY Halloween parade! Anyway, this photo was taken at Rosemarie and Leo's annual Halloween party (Joe's brother and sister in-law. Speaking of Leo and Rosemarie, here they are on Halloween two years ago! The told me not to post any more pictures of them or else ;-) )

No, we aren't wearing wigs -- that's our real hair. (hey, people were asking...) Joe has very long hair, but he usually pulls it back. And my hair? A few weeks prior to this picture being taken, I decided to dye my hair black with *ahem*, temporary dye (Hint: black hair dye is never temporary. I learned the hard way), and then I teased it for Halloween. My hair is no longer black, it's back to brown (thank goodness) -- the "black hair dye that would not leave my hair" is another story in itself.

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