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This is what I don't understand about people proclaiming themselves to be pro-lifers, and maybe you can clear this up for me. You say you proclaim the rights of all to live, a right to life. If you are truly in full favor of this, then why don't you care about the kids in the other parts of the world who are slaughtered, maimed, beaten, starved, and left for dead?

Excuse me, but how do you know pro-lifers don't care? Many pro-lifers I know DO care about such issues, and they ACT in accordance with their beliefs. Most pro-lifers I know do things to help "born" children in this country as well as outside of this country. Now, how many pro-choicers do you ask this question to? Or are they somehow exempt because they favor "choice"? Studies also show that there is a relationship between abortion and subsequent child abuse. Does this bother you?

Don't they have a "right" to life, too, according to your dogma?

Of course they do, and I have never implied that they have not.

Once out of the womb, these kids are on their own, according to pro-life action people who do nothing to support the halt of female infanticide in China and India,

That is a lie. Please show me proof that pro-life people do not do anything. It is also highly IRONIC that you use India and China as examples. These countries are known for their FORCED abortions and SEX SELECTION abortions. In fact, pro-lifers are very active in trying to change policies in such countries because the climate of "choice" in those countries has led to forced abortions, infanticide, etc. Do you ask pro-choice people if they are outraged by this? Do you ask the feminist organizations why they do not speak out more about the abortions done in these countries because the unborn is female? Do YOU speak out about these policies, or do you turn your back because they favor abortion?

the privation of children in the Appalachian mountians. Remember that Pulitzer Prize winning photograph of a starving child being stalked by a vulture? What happened to him? Did you or Buchanan or Robertson go out there and give him his "right to life"?

I believe both pro-lifers and pro-choicers are active in helping children in need. Your accusations are baseless and are prime examples of uneducated rhetoric that is not based on one ounce of fact.

"Give me your child!" scream the cross-huggers who flock the clinics.

And now, what is wrong with that? I thought you just said that pro-lifers don't care about born children, yet here you are, making snide comments about those who are willing to adopt the children. Care to explain your faulty logic? Better yet, why not post here, where people can properly respond to you?

That is, if you can handle real debate. Can you?

Show them the "Child of the Week" in the comics section of the newspaper, see how quick they are to adopt.

Yes, and many pro-lifers do adopt such children. Now, what makes me curious is that fact that there are these "unwanted" children. I thought abortion was going to eliminate this. What happened? Could it be that abortion has done nothing to help prevent "unwanted" children and instead, has fostered an environment where we see people as disposable? Perhaps that is why child abuse has risen since the legalization of abortion.

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