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I found your web site to be quite offensive. Will the day ever come where there are no groups attempting to impose their narrow views on everyone else?

You think that speaking out on a human rights abuse is offensive? Let's take another issue: slavery. Why, I'm sure people who owned slaves told those who opposed, "Will the day ever come where there are no groups attempting to impose their narrow views on everyone else?" I'm sure they also argued that slavery was upheld by the U.S. Constitution, because it was at one time. As for imposing views on others, any time you state your opinion and try to persuade somebody to do or not do something, you are imposing your views on them. Do you mean to tell me you have never tried to persuade someone of something? What do you think laws are, Samuel? Every law we have imposes a view on someone else. Do you believe in repealing all laws?

Unfortunately as long as there is a right wing with money in their hands, never.

Oh yes - all the wealthy Republicans just sit there and oppress everyone, right? Yes, I am sitting here, in my office, doing work at 10:30pm on a Saturday night** because I'm soooo rich and powerful. And even if I was rich, does this mean I don't have a right to speak out on issues? You'd better tell all the outspoken liberal, and wealthy activists to go home... unless, of course, you're applying a double standard here. I'm sure there are no wealthy liberals, right? Yeah, the people I know who run crisis pregnancies centers are just rolling in money. And liberals never try to impose views on anyone, right? Oh, well, actually they do, quite a bit, but when the left-wing does this, it's somehow justified perhaps? Also, how would your anti-right wing rhetoric work with pro-life liberals? Would you like a list of left-wing pro-life sites? Try your "evil right wing" rhetoric on them.

And that is too bad. Fanatic anti-choice efforts

My web page is a fanatical? Really? How so? Do you see Susan B Anthony as a fanatic?

are politics of the worst kind. This site is commensurate with the politics it espouses. I hope that you some day re-think what the word freedom means.

Oh, I have thought about it. That's why I don't believe in abortion. Freedom means you don't dehumanize others so you can justify their oppression. Freedom means you don't justify killing someone who is weaker than you because you've bought into the "choice" rhetoric. Freedom means you don't play God and deny a class of people the basic right to life because YOU don't think they are worthy of life. Freedom means you don't assume that those who don't mirror your beliefs don't have the right to speak their mind. And you actually say that I am anti-freedom? Remember: those who opposed slavery were "anti-freedom" too. If you want to uphold the "freedom to oppress" be my guest. I'll "choose" otherwise.

** No, I don't always work on Saturdays. I prefer not to. And yes, I realize that I was answering a guestbook entry when I was supposed to be working. I'm going back to work now. 'Night.

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