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When I saw your website I just had to comment. I don't see how an embryo can have the 'right to live'.

Why? What about the embryo, specifically, warrants us denying human rights to a human being at this stage?

The only situation I can see where there might be an almost logical argument is when the embryo reaches the stage of brain development.

What stage? Please be specific, and explain why.

What about cases of rape?

In other words, punish the unborn for the sick crime of some man? In addition, how does the 1% of pregnancies which are a result of rape justify abortion-on-demand for any reason? What about the fact that many women wind up being further traumatized after aborting because of a rape? What do you have to say to the people walking around today, who were conceived by rape?

Or if a women were in a situation where the child would be raised into a bad environment, would you still oppose the right of having an abortion?

Yes. I would no more justify killing the unborn because he/she may be born into a bad situation than I would suggest we kill children who are in bad situations. Are you suggesting that people are better off dead than being born into a "bad environment?" Can you please explain how you would define a "bad environment" and why you think we have the right to kill someone we think might be born into this "bad environment?"

I (and many others) feel that the choice of an abortion should be up to a women alone, not the law.

Yes, I realize that. I, and many others, however, don't believe that we have a right to play God and kill someone simply because he/she is in the womb.

Also in comment to the front page of your web site I don't see how having the choice of an abortion is a result of being in a world controlled by men.

You don't? Are you not unaware that the right to abort was handed down by a group of men? Are you not aware that some women (not all) abort because of pressure by a male? (and before some men jump on me, please notice that I did say SOME women). Have you not heard that now, because women an abort and not even tell the father, men are lobbying to be able to not pay child support if they "choose?" Are you not aware that most abortion doctors are male? Are you not aware that men make up a higher percentage of those who are "pro-choice?"

By the way, many abortion methods are perfectly safe and do not hurt the body at all.

Some are safer than others. However, the safety of the abortion procedure has no bearing on the rights of the fetus.

Also if the body cannot handle the child it will give 'an abortion' to itself and the embryo would be released, painlessly and naturally.

Yes, and how does this relate to abortion on demand?
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