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Wendy: I feel that if a women is going to have a child and is against Adoption, even is she knows she can not support the kid If abortion is illegal she will keep it and the child will be unwhanted.

Carolyn: What evidence do you base this on? Does this mean that you feel women are so inept that they are unable to handle a pregnancy unless it is perfectly planned?

Wendy: Carolyn, Not everyone can handle a baby.

Carolyn: This is true, but we usually don't suggest that unfit parents should kill their children.

Wendy: how about if they are 16 years old themselves and they have parents who abuse them . Are you goint to tell a scared, 16 year ald teen that she has to have the baby.

Carolyn: Is killing her child going to stop the abuse? How about not perpetuating the climate of violence by encouraging to kill her child and instead, get her OUT of the abusive situation?

Wendy: Even if that ment her parents would kick her out and she had no way of supporting herself?

Carolyn: If a girl gave birth, and then her parents decide to kick her out, would we tell her to kill her baby so she could go back home?

Wendy: You will find nothing worse then a unwanted child

Carolyn A child may be unwanted by the mother, but the child is not unwanted by others.

Wendy: (ok so you are telling me that someone else will support it. Ok would you????)

Carolyn: Yes, I would. Now, the next question usually is, "Well then why haven't you adopted any kids?!" Due to the number of married couples right now who are on waiting lists for children, single women such as myself would not have much chance of adopting. I did though, offer to take care of my friend's child when she was pregnant if she chose not to abort (I guess some people would say I was bribing her though). She declined my offer, and later on, said that I made things worse for her, and she now hates me. (her words, not mine - and a note to that person, on the .005% chance that she ever sees or reads this -- I am so sorry. I really thought what I was doing would help, not hurt you.) Do you know of any women with unwanted pregnancies? I know numerous couples who want to adopt, so please let me know if you do know someone.

Carolyn: NOTHING is worse than an unwanted child?! So, murderers and rapist who were WANTED children are better than uwanted children?! If unwanted children are better off dead, what happens if the mother doesn't want the child AFTER she gives birth?

Wendy: <- This is when adoption comes in!

Carolyn: Then why isn't adoption an option for those who have not yet given birth? Adoption only works if the woman decides she doesn't want the child AFTER she gives birth?

Wendy: and that is what will happen if abotion is illgeal. If the goverment said it was killing a child then why did they make it legal??????????????

Carolyn: The Supreme Court made an erroneous decision by deciding that there was an implied right to privacy in the Constitution, which overrode a human's right to life. In other words, privacy is more important than life, in the eyes of the court.

Wendy: I hate to tell you this but this has nothing to to with killing.

Carolyn: I hate to tell you this, but even most of the pro-choicers and doctors I know admit that abortion kills something. Whether they believe it is a human being killed, or a person with rights which override the woman's right to abort, is another matter.

Wendy: I never sat down and figured tou if it was killing or not. It could be but on the other hand it might not be. All we are trying to do is make Health care safe.

Carolyn: You don't know if abortion is killing or not? What then does abortion do, if it doesn't kill something? Health care? If abortion is health care, then why is it not treated as such -- meaning, why aren't rules for every single other health care practice applied to abortion, such as parental notification?

Wendy: Prevent back alley abortions now you call yourself pro-life but imagine this, you know a young girl who is in trouble and abortion is illegal. So she has a back alley abortion aka COAT HANGER abortion then she dies because of it.

Carolyn: Just like women die NOW from legal abortions. More women die now from abortion than when it was illegal. The reduction in abortion related deaths was due primarily to antibiotics, not legalization. No one wants women to be so desperate that they feel their only option is to hurt themselves and kill their unborn child. However, telling women that NOTHING is ever worse than having an "unwanted" child, and that young women with unplanned pregnancies always make terrible mothers feeds into such desperation. We should help support the women in crisis situations (of course, when people do help, they get accused of bribing the woman!), not tell them to kill their unborn children. In what other personal crisis situation (other than self-defense) do we suggest that the answer lies in killing someone else?

Wendy: Remember, abortion is illgegal do you still consider you self pro-life a young girl died. Yes a few die of legal abortions... and that is sad and I feel for them but more will die of illegal abortions.

Carolyn: What evidence do you have to support this? The statistics I have seen show more deaths from abortion now than prior to legalization. Of course, it is always difficult know the proper numbers. Some deaths are covered up, and, some wind up being attributed to something besides the abortion. Or, a girl dies from something that has nothing to do with a abortion, and pro-choice advocates just say that she had an abortion anyway.

Wendy: One more thing for you I will not give out my real name on the internet,

Carolyn: Did I ever say you had to?

Wendy: I will also not give out pictures of my self so

Carolyn: Did I ever imply that you should?

Wendy: if I want to use a fake name who cares. Don't you worry about people finding you? Does that concern you?

Carolyn: People could "find me" whether I was on the Internet or not.
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