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First of all, i found your answers to some of the guest book entrees disturbing.

Why? Because I don't believe we have the right to decide if other people's lives are worth living or not? Or because I happen to disagree with you?

First I would NEVER abort my child due to the fact that i personally believe that the fetus after the 2nd trimester is a live, human being. So therefore i would never even consider abortion for MYSELF!!!!!!! However, I believe that the women involved have the right to do as they see fit with accordance to their bodies and beliefs.

Ah. So, you believe that abortion kills an unborn child, but believe that women have a right to kill that person if they choose. Let's replace the word "abortion" with slavery. I would NEVER personally own slaves, but I won't interfere with someone else's choice to own slaves! The natural reaction would be, "But slavery infringes on someone else's rights!" Exactly, AND SO DOES ABORTION. In what other case would you say "Well, I wouldn't kill someone else, but I won't interfere with another person's right to kill someone"?

There are many circumstances that can make a woman to make a decision for abortion and it is not up to us to hinder her choice.

What if a woman decides a day after she gives birth, that she cannot handle the child. Can she kill the child? Why not? When someone's "choice" infringes on the basic human rights of someone else, then we do indeed have a right to say something. If someone decided that you deserved to die, would you appreciate everyone sitting back, allowing that person to exercise their "choice" to kill you?

I like to say that even though i am pro choice, i do not believe in abortion but i do believe in the woman's RIGHT to choose what is best for her.

So you believe that people have a right to kill their children?

Like Janine Garafalo said... for All those pro-life activists out there... if you dont' want a baby getting aborted, then they should get them... a "buddy" that you are responsible for the next 18-21 years, to spend 40 hrs of time with them, and give up 40 % of their paycheck!!!! I'd like to see you do that for everysingle child out there... Good luck if you decide to try....

Are you against child abuse? Yes? Well, why aren't you out there taking in all the abused children?! If you can't take care of all the abused children in the world, then how dare you speak out against child abuse?! Are you against abortion doctors who have butchered women who went to them for an abortion? Yes? Well, I hope you are willing to pay the medical expenses for all those women! If not, then you shouldn't speak out against it.

I just love it when pro-choicers say that pro-lifers should take care of every unplanned child, as if they themselves don't have to help because, after all, they support the legal right to kill the child, so hey, they've done their part. Well, "G," I DID offer to do basically what you suggested - when I was 19 years old. I offered to leave college and come home and dedicate much of my time and money to helping my friend who was faced with an unplanned pregnancy. She turned me down. I also know pro-lifers who have done this and many more who are ready and willing. I also know plenty of people who are aching to adopt children. Do you know anyone with an unplanned pregnancy? If so, please let me know, because I know people who will adopt the child. Right now, there are not enough "unwanted" children to meet the adoption demand. Also, you mentioned that you found my other guestbook responses disturbing. Did you find it disturbing when one of the pro-choicers I responded to blasted the Catholic Church for assisting a pregnant girl in need?! Here you are, saying that pro- lifers need to help more, yet you don't utter a single word about the person who went on a tirade against pro-lifers when they DO help!! Do you blindly agree with what someone says, as long as the person is pro-choice?

Like Elizabeth Cady Stanton said, "When we consider that woman are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit."
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