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you have absolutely no right to tell others how to run their life

Ah, but you feel that you have the right to end someone's life because *you* don't want him/her? Would you like someone else putting such a value on your life?

and maybe one day when your broke with no-one to support you it may

Is this the phrase of the week? "Maybe one day you'll be broke, alone and pregnant - so there!" Three people have said almost the exact same thing. Either you all aren't coming up with original ideas, and are copying phrases from other guestbook entries, or a lot of people hope that I'll be destitute some day. Well, hopefully I won't ever be in that situatation, but if you all get your lovely wish, and I am, I guarantee I won't abort my child because of it.

become clear that abortion IS an option that should be considered for anyone not

Are you suggesting that I'd somehow change my mind if put in that situation? That I'd "wake up" and suddenly, not consider my unborn child a human being? Instead of just reading guestbook entries and responding, you might want to try reading some of my articles. A brief reading of a few of them would clearly indicate that I wouldn't suddenly "see the light" if put in a difficult situation. My pro-life belief is not based on an unrealistic view of the world, where I see all pregnancies as easy and wonderful, full of supportive friends and relatives and baby showers -- it is based on the idea that we do not have the right to kill the most helpless among us, simply because they are in our womb.

So, you believe that killing your child is an option. If I give birth, and the next week, I lose all my money and support, and am all alone, do I have the right to kill my child? Why not? After all, I can kill him/her in the womb, or when he/she is half way out of the womb. Or maybe you agree with Peter Singer, who argues that infanticide should be legal?

wanting to go ahead with their pregnancy. A 12 year old is neither physically or mentally mature enough to handle a pregnancy and adoption is

What do you suggest? That we force her to have an abortion? She isn't mature enough to give birth, but she is mature enough to have an abortion? She isn't mature enough to make any other medical decision without the consent of her parents, but magically, she is mature enough, when she is already probably distraught over the pregnancy, to make the difficult decision to have abortion, without even notifying her parents. (In most U.S. states, parental notification is not required. I do not know what the laws are in Australia) Obviously, a pregnancy, whether it is carried through or terminated, is going to be a very difficult experience for a 12 year old.

always a distressing experience for all involved.

Adoption is always distressing? Have you personally talked to adopted children and birth mothers about this, you are you just guessing? Are you suggesting that abortion is not distressing for some women? In fact, people keep telling me what a difficult, painful decision it is. Do you disagree with that? Or do you think abortion is "easy?"

Leave those who live in the real world alone!

So, my expressing my belief that abortion is anti-woman and a human rights violation means that I don't live in the real world? Or do you suggest that I just ignore such situations, because you don't agree with me?
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