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I hate to tell you this, but thousands more women died because abortion wasn't illegal than now. They died because they weren't allowed to recieve a safe medical procedure. Few women truly die from an abortion. Check your facts before you pretend you know what your talking about.

Gale, I hate to tell you this, but these are the facts. Women do truly die from abortion.

It makes me sick to see Pro-Choicers described as "abortion supporters". Don't you realize how truly uninformed you are? The bulk of Pro-Choice advicates aer for CHOICE, not for abortion.

Then what are you supporting? Do you not support the legal right for women to abort? Doesn't that mean that you support legalized abortion? And please, feel free to call me anti-abortion if you like.

We feel that the choice should be for the individual that is carying the child, not for bureacratic snobs who will never even know our names.

So pro-life people are bureaucratic snobs?

I am 19 years old, and I have a three year old son. When I was sixteen, and pregnant, at first I decided to end the pregnancy. In the end, however, I knew that I couldn't. That was MY choice, and it had nothing to do with abortion, murder, or religion. I just couldn't. It wasn't for me.

I commend you for deciding to go through with the pregnancy at such a young age.

That doesn't mean that I, or anyone else, has the right to make that decision for someone else. If I had aborted my son, would you have known about it? Would you have lost sleep, had dreams of how he would be like? I, and only I, would have that.

No, I would not have known about it. The only reason I, as a pro-life person, believe that abortion isn't a private issue is because it ingringes on the rights of another human being.

To be fair, if not wordy, I have to admit it also make sme sick to see immature girls, and adults, use abortion as a form of birth control.

Why? If abortion doesn't take a life, then why is it a problem if abortion is used as birth control? If abortion does take a life, then why do you think the taking of this life is a private matter?

It's funny, people usually accuse pro-lifers for being against abortion because they want to "punish" a woman for having sex. Then, some pro-choicers turn around and say that they don't like it when women use abortion "as a form of birth control." They imply that it's more justifiable for a woman to abort if she isn't using it as birth control, because she was careless, or had multiple sex partners. This insinuates that one who aborts because she was promiscuous or careless has a less valid reason for her abortion. Isn't this "punishing" women for their sexual habits?

However, I feel that if the have so little emotion that that decision didn't rip their hearts out, maybe those babies were better off.

Oh, so a child is better off dead than with someone who might be abusive? Does that mean we should kill children who born and are being abused? Are you saying that women are just monsters who will surely abuse any unplanned children if they don't abort?

No one can say that those girls would take care of their babies while they were pregnant.

What? ALL women with unplanned pregnancies are not going to take care of their unborn children? "Wanting" or "planning" a pregnancy does not guarantee that a woman will take care of the child while pregnant either. Many women who do things that could harm their unborn child are carrying children they "planned."

Adoption is a nice alternative, of course, and helps many people. But if the mother really cares so little, what's to stop them from doing drugs, contracting diseases, and generally creating a life of hardship and agony for that child?

What will stop them? Gosh, I don't know... so if we can't stop a woman from harming someone, let's let her kill the person! Great idea!

Seriously, more support and education perhaps? A society that doesn't look at single pregnant women like they are sluts? However, wanting and planning the pregnancy doesn't guarantee that a woman won't harm her unborn child. Sometimes, drug addiction can be too powerful. Sometimes, a personal condition is just too powerful -- for example, I remember seeing a show a while ago (I am sorry, I don't remember exactly when) about bulemia, and pregnant women who had the condition. These women wanted and loved their children, yet they were essentially starving their children to death because, in the quest to be nice and skinny, like women are, *ahem* "supposed" to be, (I will refrain from going off on my "Why do we, as a society, place so much emphasis on women being skinny" tirade) their bulemia had gone out of control and they couldn't stop. Does this mean that their unborn children should die because they aren't being taken care of? We should help the mothers in need, not kill the unborn.

What I am saying is that nothing is cut and dry- every woman has to know her circumstances, has to want to bring life into the world. Would you enjoy being forced to carry a baby for nine months if you hated the child within you?

Most women don't abort because they hate their child. But to answer your question, if I was pregnant and I hated my child (I can't imagine this), no, I suppose I wouldn't enjoy the pregnancy. Does hate for ones child justify killing the child?
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