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Pro-life Feminism Pages
These are various sites containing information on the long ignored view of pro-life feminism. Know of a site that should be listed here? e-mail and let me know.

Renaissance Suffragettes - This is an online 'zine dedicated to carrying on the traditions of Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and other early feminists who saw abortion as a means of controlling women

I am a prolife Feminist

Apologia of a Pro-Life Feminist

Pro-Life and Feminist Articles

Confessions of a Misfit Prolifer

Lynne's Pro-life Feminism Page

Feminists For Life of America - This organization was founded in 1972 by two women who were expelled from NOW because of their pro-life views. Feminists for Life carry on the feminist tradition of working for a society in which women can choose reproductive alternatives that are truly life-affirming for themselves and their children.

Feminists for Life of New York

The Feminism and Nonviolence Studies Association Journal Home Page - The Feminism and Nonviolence Studies Association has been dedicated to publishing an academic, interdisciplinary journal which explores the long but vital tradition of pro-life feminism and related life and death issues. Initially a print journal called Studies in Pro-life Feminism, in 1997 the journal changed to an online format and was renamed Feminism and Nonviolence Studies.

The Logic of Pro-life Feminism

Voices of our Feminist Foremothers

WomanPower! A woman empowerment site. This site was rejected by the Female Empowerment Ring because the site is run by a Pro-life female!

Abortion - the Black Woman's Voice

The Susan B. Anthony List A political Action Committee For Pro-life Women

Carolyn's Pro-life Page