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Bill Clinton's Fantasies Vs. The Facts
Read Bill's Fantasies - and then read the FACTS
Oddly enough, the media seems to ignore many of the following BLATANT lies told by Mr. Clinton - I believe he is living in a fantasy world - why else would he have said the following statements? And WHY is he allowed to get away with it??? Below is just a small sample of some of Bill Clinton's Fantasies.

Bill Clinton's Fantasy #1

Bill Clinton April 24, 1992
"I've said I've never broken the drug laws of my country, and that is the absolute truth."
(Bill Clinton, New Orleans Times Picayune, 4/24/92)

The Facts #1

Bill Clinton June 16, 1992
"Q: If you had it to do over again, would you inhale?
"A: [Bill Clinton:] Sure, if I could. I tried before."
(Bill Clinton, MTV "Choose or Lose Special," 6/16/92)

Bill Clinton's Fantasy #2

Bill Clinton June 23, 1992
"I intend to have a legislative program ready on the desks of Congress on the day after I'm inaugurated. I intend to have an explosive 100 day action period. Why do I think it will pass? Well, first of all, I'm running on it."

The Facts #2

Bill Clinton Jan 14, 1993
Question from member of press:
"We were originally led to believe you would have an outline for congress even before the inauguration and presented on day one or shortly thereafter - and now we're told it may be a couple weeks down the road with a full plan ready in March. When will it be ready?"

Reply by Bill Clinton:
"Well, I don't know who led you to believe that, but I'm the Only one who's authorized to talk about that ---"

Bill Clinton's Fantasy #3

"I have vivid and painful memories of black churches being burned in my own state when I was a child."
President Clinton
June 8 1996 - national radio address


"Others don't recall what Clinton does"
Headline in Arkansas Democrat Gazette of a column by Frank Wolfe
June 9, 1996

"I've never known of a black church being burned in Arkansas."
John Ferguson, Director Arkansas History Commission
quoted in the Frank Wolfe column June 9, 1996

"I looked through my files. I couldn't find anything." [referring to the Clinton quote about fires at black churches in Arkansas]
Curtis Sykes, Chairman Arkansas Black History Advisory Committee quoted in the Wolfe column June 9, 1996

"We were just fortunate not to have one." [when asked about fires at Arkansas black churches]
Jerry Jewell, former state senator and former
Branch President of Arkansas NAACP

Bill Clinton's Fantasy #4

"Since I was a little boy, I've heard about the Iowa caucuses. That's why I would really like to do well in them."
President Clinton - quoted in USA Today Feb 12, 1996


Iowa caucuses began in 1972 - Clinton was hardly a little boy - he was at Oxford protesting!

Bill Clinton's Fantasy #5

"I intend to have a legislative program ready on the desk of Congress on the day after I'm inaugurated. I intend to have an explosive 100-day action period."
President Clinton - June 23, 1992.


"People of the press are expecting [us] to have some 100-day program. We never ever had one."
Dee Dee Myers, January 12, 1993.

Bill Clinton's Fantasy #6

"My grandfather had a grade school education and ran a grocery store across the street from the cemetery in Hope, Arkansas where my parents and grandparents are buried. Most of his customers were working people. As a child in that store I saw that people of different races could treat each other with respect and dignity - but I also saw that the black neighborhood across the street was the only one in town where the streets weren't paved - and when I returned to that neighborhood in the late 60's to see a woman who had cared for me when I was a toddler, the streets still weren't paved."
President Clinton in National Archives speech - July 19, 1995


"I don't know what the hell he's talking about. Those streets were paved back then, sure to God. I know it was in the sixties, more than 30 years ago. If he says so, just say yes to all that. He has a memory. Don't question that."
Margaret Polk, President Clinton's 3rd cousin and daughter of the woman who took care of Bill Clinton as a child - quoted in Arkansas Democrat Gazette, July 21, 1995

NOTE - Someone who lived just outside of Hope, Ark. on hwy 2 has informed me that this may not be a "fantasy". She said she knew where the store used to be and the road was still unpaved back in 1987-88 when she was there.
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