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Jones Loses, so What's "Left"

Issuing a 39-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright said that while Jones' claims that Clinton propositioned her in a Little Rock hotel room in 1991 would constitute offensive conduct, it did not meet the standard for sexual harassment. If you thought the lesbian feminists were befuddled before, wait until you hear the stunned silence now!

"The plaintiff's allegations fall far short of the rigorous standards for establishing a claim of outrage," Wright wrote in granting a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Clinton's lawyers. Try, try, try we have seen, as Bill Clinton and his legal team use taxpayer-funded resources and time, as well as that from "private" payback-oriented multinational and locally-despotic corporate leaders hammered Clinton's former "pet" student incessantly to issue a decision on their simple ill-researched motion to dismiss Paula Jones' lawsuit against the dishonorable "leader" of the unfree world.'

Yes, the language is harsh above and includes many adjectives. But remember, "the gloves are off," since it is an election year. Besides, we may as well have a jump on rhetoric, as you will hear plenty of deception (not to mention celebration) coming from the Klin, er..., Clinton camp this year. An example of MSNBC's lead-in on this story, the statement appears, "The judge, who was appointed to the federal bench by President George Bush in 1990" and fails to note the disparate relationship between Webber and Clinton when he was a teacher of hers at the University of Arkansas law school she attended. You see, he had offered to "cut a deal" with her in a graduate class since he lost a paper of hers and bargained for a course-grade of "A-" in exchange for not reporting him to the Governing Board for any other result.

Webber noted in her statement that Jones continued to work at the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission for 19 months after her alleged encounter with then-Arkansas Gov. Clinton and never filed a formal complaint or spoke of it to her supervisors. There was no citation or mention of Anita Hill, for THAT was "trial by media." "The court has determined that her quid pro quo and hostile work environment sexual harassment claim are without merit and warrant a grant of summary judgment," Wright said. There was no citation or mention of Anita Hill, for THAT was "trial by media."

The judge wrote that whatever went on in the hotel room, it "was brief and isolated; did not result in any physical harm ... did not result in distress so severe that no reasonable person could be expected to endure it." There was no citation or mention of Anita Hill, for THAT was "trial by media."

She also dismissed the portion of the lawsuit against state trooper Danny Ferguson, who allegedly set up the meeting during a state economic conference Clinton attended. Of course.

The White House said Clinton and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, in Senegal on the last day of an 11-day Africa trip, were "very pleased" by the decision [Whew! I could hear the mental exultation, There's one MORE I don't have to take care-of.'].

There was no mention of an edict to the effect that all charges of any natur..., er..., kind had been dismissed against Clinton or Gore, though ABC celebrated with a nationwide "Special Report" immediately on April First (which seemed only appropriate) and no other Big Four so-called "news report" failed to spend at-least 10% of its opener airtime on the subject.

Will there be an appeal? Yes, I suppose. I would. But think back to our initial reaction to the suit's having been filed... we cautioned to not put any eggs into this basket, just as with the Lewinsky Affair. We have more important ones to fry.

But look at what we have learned. Bill Clinton has admitted lying regarding one affair and intimated many. Bill Clinton has bold-facedly lied from day-to-day on-record. Bill Clinton's antifamily acts have been recorded and are constantly being compiled and updated, and we we are not even beginning with Al Gore, the Darwin-Malthusian pantheist. (http://www.peachclinton.com/) All but three Clinton Cabinet members have any of died, been fired, resigned, been indicted, been imprisoned, are in hiding from potential felony prosecution, or become media moguls as they always were. Ken Starr, ineffective though he may have seemed to-date, has "put away" more-than a dozen FOB ("Friend(s) of Bill") felons and threatens to perform more federal housecleaning. 39 people to-date have spent time in some form or another for violations of law in Starr's pursuit of de-dusting the steps of the White House and his conviction cost and rate are the best in the history of the establishment of the Special Prosecutor's Office.

This is why the cry of relief... prisons can be pretty large in their capacity and, well, the less crowding the better.

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