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Couple Seeking to Adopt a Child

This couple requested that I post their adoption story on the Internet, in the hopes that this could help them obtain a child. I left their story in their own words. If you can, or know someone who can help this couple, please let them know! Their phone number and e-mail is included on this page.

Dear Birthparent,

We have always dreamed of being parents and having a large family. Four years ago we adopted our little girl, Madeleine. She is adorable and the love of our life. We are wanting to add to our family and give Madeleine a brother or sister to grow up playing with.

We know that this must be such a difficult time for you. Six years ago Ray’s sister, Lisa, was pregnant, not married, and unsure of what to do. We remember how tough that time was for Lisa. She struggled with her decision. Mary Beth is a counselor and helped Lisa get some counseling and we both took her to an adoption agency. We had no idea at the time that we would be unable to have biological children and would be looking to adoption to make our family. Lisa ended up placing her son, Andrew, with a loving family that she chose by reading their biographies and looking at their pictures. Little did we know at the time, that within a couple of years we would be praying that a birthmother would choose us as the adoptive parents for her baby. We were able to help Lisa through the toughest time of her life. Lisa says she often thinks of Andrew but knows she did the right thing for her and for him. When we got Madeleine she was elated because she could see first hand how much joy has been brought to our family through Madeleine’s adoption.

We are both from close knit families and do a lot of things together. We believe family is very important and our children will always be the center of our lives. Our children will have the attention of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Madeleine loves to have sleep overs” at Mimi and Paupsi’s or Maw Maw and Paw Paw’s house and loves to play with her cousins. Your baby will definitely experience the love of our extended families. They support us 100% as we try to adopt another child. They have been with us throughout the roller coaster of adoption and continue to pray that soon a birthmother will choose to place her child with us. Everyone knows how badly we want more children.

Our house is always filled with friends and activities. Neighbor kids come over to play with the toys, slide, swing or to bake cookies. We have an annual Easter Egg Hunt with over 75 children running around our yard finding eggs, hitting a piñata and playing games. We enjoy having fun together as a family and love being active. We spend time riding bikes, playing ball - softball, basketball, soccer- going on picnics, walks. We like to go to the library to get new books to read. Everyone said our life was going to drastically change once we got Madeleine but she has just joined in with us and loves to go-go-go! We can’t wait to spend our time playing with a new little one and Madeleine constantly comments that she wants a little brother or sister. She already took a Big Sister” class at the local hospital and likes to wear her special t-shirt to bed.

We believe it is important to expose our children to all sorts of activities and then as they get older they can choose the ones that they love. Madeleine takes swimming lessons and she is like a little fish. We also did parents & child gymnastics which she enjoyed, especially the balance beam! She is going to pre-school for three half days and loves it. When we ask her what she learned in school - she always responds that she just played and the boys chased her. She is definitely an outgoing child! We were both exposed to many things - piano, guitar, dancing, scouts, art, and team sports and both found our favorites! We promise to support our children and to be their biggest fans as they grow up. We can see ourselves being the team coach, scout leader, school helper. We have been active with special olympics and enjoy watching the faces of the little athletes light up when they score a basket or cross the finish line.

Both of us love being Daddy and Mommy and pray that we will soon be blessed with another baby. We promise to give our children the important things in life that we have been blessed with - loving, giving and fair parents, a home where individuality and reaching your potential are embraced - a real love and enjoyment of life. We will ensure your child receives a good Catholic education, strong Christian values and the support of a dedicated extended family. We promise to be honest with our children. We will share with them their story of the loving and difficult choice you have made to place them in our family. They will always know that their adoption is a gift from you and that it is because of your love for them that they are in our family.

We both know that this is an incredible sacrifice for you and we thank you for giving us the chance to tell you a little about ourselves. If you have any questions about us that we have not been able to answer, please don’t hesitate to call or to e-mail us. We did meet with Madeleine’s birthparents and have shared pictures and letters following Madeleine’s birth. We really appreciate you and look forward to watching our family grow!

God bless you,

Ray, Mary Beth and Madeleine
800-413-8008 ext 1827