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Bias: Paula Jones v Anita Hill

In a nutshell, one can see the bias here if one looks at how the media treated Anita Hill and how Paula Jones is treated. One example:

Appearing on MSNBC's The News with Brian Williams on April 1, 1998, Newsweek's resident "conventional wisdom" creator Jonathan Alter delivered his spin on the fallout of the Jones dismissal. The MRC's Tim Graham took down his comments and found they offered quite a contrast to how Alter assessed Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas in 1991.

On Jones, Alter declared: "She's obviously a footnote to history now. But she also, when there's summary judgment, that's another way of saying 'You're a nuisance.' That's what summary judgment means, that it's a nuisance lawsuit, a frivolous lawsuit. She's been a professional litigant for the last five years, so now she'll have to get on and get a life. She has shown an interest in acting. Doubtful that the Royal Shakespeare Company will be seeking her services, but she might get a guest spot or something like that on [the redneck sitcom of Jeff] Foxworthy. That's about what her future holds."

On Starr: "Thumbs down for him. It really makes his job a lot more difficult. What is he gonna do? Subpoena Judge Wright and charge her with obstruction of justice because she's gotten in his way? I think he should be winding down investigation, putting his cards on the table. If he doesn't come forward very soon with credible evidence of lawbreaking, he will go down in history as the Peeping Tom prosecutor."

Compare those condemnations to what Alter penned in the October 21, 1991 Newsweek:
"C. Thomas (down arrow): He's lying (Isn't he?) Effective denials, but stop crying racism."
"A. Hill (up arrow): She's a brave truth teller (Isn't she?) Her details, lack of motive tip the balance."