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What a Difference...a Year Makes

Back in August of 1997...things were looking very bleak for the Paula Jones case. In fact, her former attorneys had written her a letter stating that she should consider accepting the $700,000 from Clinton and be done with it.

But Paula Jones did not quit - and pursued instead her case against Clinton (no one in '97 had heard of Kathleen Willey or Monica Lerwinsky at the time). Ironically, on August 19, 1997 her attorneys (at the time) wrote to her and said they were quitting. One year later...on August 17, 1998...Bill Clinton will be before the Grand Jury - thanks mostly to the deposition he gave before Paula Jone's "new" attorneys in January of 1998.

What a queer twist of fate for Bill Clinton. If he had only settled with Paula Jones and given her the written apology that she requested...he never would have been brought before her attorneys giving them the deposition that stated (reportedly) that he never had a relationship with a "Monica Lewinsky"...an unknown person for most Americans.

In just 7 days...we will see the culmination of years of prosecutorial detailed work by the OIC.

Happy Anniversary Bill! My how time flys...

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