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Published 23 May 1998 in the News & Record (Greensboro, NC)

Democratic National Criminal Conspiracy

On both April 23 and May 13, the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee voted 24-19 to grant immunity to four witnesses in the investigation of the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign finance scandal. Both votes failed to achieve the required two-thirds majority because of naked partisan obstruction. The Democrat members all voted against immunization despite Justice Department approval. These witnesses are but four of over 90 who have been "unavailable" to testify before Rep. Dan Burton's committee due to invoking the Fifth or fleeing the country.

Last fall during a hearing, Burton asked FBI Director Louis Freeh if he had "ever experienced so many unavailable witnesses" during his 16 years as a prosecutor and federal judge. Obviously surprising Burton, Freeh said he had. Burton requested more information, and Freeh said it was common in "organized crime cases."

The Democratic National Committee has "returned" over $3 million in illegal foreign campaign contributions. No reasonable person can doubt the DNC accepted and used these funds fully aware of their source. This money corrupted our political system and, given recent revelations of Communist Chinese army involvement, may even have compromised our national security. The rule of law, the pursuit of justice and the devotion to truth are ordinarily nonpartisan issues, but Democrats have politicized and perverted them. The congressional Democrats, the Clinton administration, and the Democratic National Committee should drop the pretense and merge their continuing stone-walling activities into a single operation: the Democratic National Criminal Conspiracy.

James M. Wallace

Used with permission of the author. Taken from Matt Wallace's The Compleat Heretic which is the personal web site of a conservative, Republican, traditionalist, Secular Humanist atheist.