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Pro-Life Animal Rights Groups

I always wondered why so many animal-rights groups were adamantly pro-choice. Who has more rights - unborn humans or animals? However, there are pro-life animal rights groups and publications. They just aren't publicized in the media as much as other groups. Groups such as these are also known as "consistent life ethic" groups, meaning they respect all life, whether it be humans, unborn humans, or animals.
Vegans for Life
Vegans for Life Web Site
Head of VFL - Shay VanVlymen

"Live and Let Live, a pro-life pro-animal newsletter.
Published by James Dawson
P.O. Box 613,
Redwood Valley CA 95470.

PEACH - Peace, Ethics, Animals and Consistent Human Rights
A British, consistent ethic pro-animal group.
88 Cobden Street
LUTON, Beds, LU2 0NG, England.

Harmony - a consistent ethic magazine (against war, the death penalty, abortion, etc.) which also regularly publishes animal rights information.
P.O. Box 210056
San Francisco CA 94121-0056
subscription $12.

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