Revolutionary War Records
Some of the material presented here is based on "A History of the Thurbers," an unpublished, unverified work by Charles H. Thurber. Please note that directly quoted unedited passages from that work will be shown in green. This material is the work of an amateur genealogist and contains much inaccurate and conflicting information and should not be accepted as fact without independent verification.

James Thurber listed in the history of Rehoboth, MA with the Minutemen of the Revolutionary War under Capt. Lyons and Capt. Perrin, pg 120-124 Apr. 19, 1775. He was child of Samuel Thurber and Rachel Wheeler.

Capt. Joseph Thurber listed in the Upper Connecticut was in the battles of Ticonderoga and Crown Pt. NY. From Hemmenway's Vermont Gazetteer, Vol 1, pg 40. He was the son of Thomas Thurber and ?.

Muster roll of company under the command of Capt. John Perry and Col. Timothy's regiment enlisted for 8 months up to the 1st of Aug in the 11th division was an Arthur Thurber, son of ?.

More on James Thurber, Rehoboth MA, under Capt. Lyons and Capt. Jesse Perrin of Apr. 19.1775 service 7 days which was march on 1st alarm. After, under Capt. Sylvanus Martin Co. And Col. Thomas carpenter's Regiment, served 7 days. Company marched from Rehoboth, MA to time of Burning of Bristol, RI alarm of Dec 8, 1776.

History of Somerset, MA, 1777 gives Edward, Hezekiah, John, Richard, and Seth Thurber as being in Revolutionary War.

Thurbers who were veterans of Revolutionary War and received pensions in 1832 were: Darius, 68 years old; Nathaniel, 72 years old; Samuel III, 77 years old; Squire, 80 years old, received $92.49 on July 21, 1833, on roll Mar.4, 1831, enlisted Aug. 8, 1778, discharged Aug 28, 1778 in RI Militia.

The plaque on Brooklyn Bridge, New York City names of original trustees of bridges gives Ezra Thurber as one of them.

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