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Update - April 09, 1998 - Another "offensive" banner censored. This banner isn't conservative in nature, but it seems a little absurd to say that this banner (below).....

...is considered more offensive than these banners.

The web site owner is not too happy about this. Below is the message he sent to the Link Exchange when they censored his banner:

Dear LinkExchange;

I received your notice that you thought my "Boycott DiCaprio" was too offensive and that you refused to put it into circulation. I was flabbergasted. You have the audacity to say that I can't boycott DiCaprio, while at the same time allowing Anti-God, Anti-Republican, Anti-Family values, Anti-Hanson, Anti-Spice Girls, and even more such banners to exist within the LinkExchange network.

While I agree that you have the right to use your network anyway you choose, I hope you realize that your efforts at political correctness are misguided and will inevitably lead to a squelching of free speech on the internet.

Please immediately delete my LinkExchange account. I have no desire to be associated with such a dishonest and inconsistent organization