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Tsk Tsk, Senator Torricelli!
I live in NJ, and am quote embarrassed that my Senator can blatantly make up stories to justify misdeeds by the Democrats. For shame!

In his opening statement at the Thompson hearings, Sen. Robert Torricelli (D-NJ) Stated:

"It is among the first memories I have of the government of the United States and probably the first hearing of the United States Senate I have ever witnessed. It was only on a flickering television screen, but I will never forget it, and even if I tried, my family would never allow me. It was Estes Kefauver. He left the American people with the unmistakable impression, that because of the misdeeds of a few individuals, there was a general problem of the role of Italian-Americans in the commerce of this country."

Oh REALLY, Senator Torricelli??

In 1950, Estes Kefauver pioneered the use of television in politics when he chaired a Senate investigation into organized crime. When the Kefauver hearings ended in 1951, Senator Torricelli, born August 26, 1951, was only FIVE DAYS OLD!! Maybe that's why he doesn't realize that Frank Costello and his Mafia buddies were condemned for their criminal activities, not their ethnicity!