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 Abortion Related Medical Complications - Future Sterility
One of the many abortion related health problems is that of future sterility. The chance of not being able to bear future children increases after an abortion. Below is medical documentation of such risks. I have posted this information because women are often not informed of such possible future complications.

Abortion results in cervical damage, which results in permanent weakening of the cervix, which, in turn, is unable to carry the weight of a later pregnancy. The cervix opens prematurely. A survey by Dr. Ren, "Cervical Incompetence - Aetiology and Management," Medical Journal of Australia (December 29, 1993), Volume 60, reported that symptoms related to "cervical incompetence" were found among 75% of women who undergo forced dilation for abortion

In a study performed with 252 women, the investigators concluded that "the occurrence of either induced or spontaneous abortions independently and significantly increased the risk of subsequent development of secondary infertility. - Study done at Harvard from the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Feb 1993 issue.

The Fallopian tube is a fragile organ, if infection injures it, it often seals shut. The typical infection involving these organs is pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). "Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is difficult to manage and often leads to infertility, even with prompt treatment ... Approximately 10% of women will develop tubal adhesions leading to infertility after one episode of PID, 30% after two episodes, and more than 60% after three episodes. - (M. Spence, Sexually Transmitted Disease Bulletin, John Hopkins University).

The risk of secondary infertility among women with at least one induced abortion is 3-4 time greater than that among non-aborted women. - (British Journal of OB/GYN, August, 1976)

Dr. Bohumil Stipal, Czechoslovakia's Deputy Minister of Health, stated: "Roughly 25% of the women who interrupt their first pregnancy have remained permanently childless."

5-10% will become sterile (of women who abort) - Thomas Hilgers, MD, Induced Abortion, A documented Report (1976)

More and more, health researchers are noting a dramatic rise in sterility, tubal pregnancies and placenta previa. Vanderbilt University Medical Center noted an increase in placenta previa, a condition in pregnancy where the placenta covers the opening of the womb. This can lead to great blood loss to the mother during labor. It can cause death of the mother and death of the baby. Doctors on staff looked into the increase of this condition and found its cause to be the increase of legal abortions. The study concluded that aborted women were 7-15 times more likely to get placenta previa in later pregnancies - J.M. Barrett, et al, American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology (December 1, l981), pp 669, 772.

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