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I wish Hate Mailers would at least read what is on my site before sending mail! >:|


> Hey,
> for the modern day open minded fool, nothing is offensive.
> Nothing. A little thing exists: if you don't like it, don't
> look at it. If there were to be a single offensive thing
> today, in modern times, it would be you. Christians who bash
> gay people to make themselves feel better. Aloof fools who

Ok, first, please tell me where I bash gays?

> insult different religions and sexual preferences to make

Where do I do this?
But, I guess it's okay for YOU to insult others, right? 
Pot.. kettle..black?

> the world a safer place for them to hide their pathetic
> minds. You are hiding in a dark hole, trying to pretend that
> satanism, atheism, and homosexuality are offensive, when in
> truth they are not.

What??? Are you referring to the old Link Exchange
 stuff? You missed the WHOLE POINT. If people want to have sites like that, more power to 'em - MY
objection was being told that a site calling for the impeachment of the
Pres or using the word "anti" should be censored when the items you list
above are allowed. But perhaps YOU favor people being censored when they
don't agree  with your views? You really did miss the whole point of the
page, didn't you? No where did I ever say those sites should be censored.
Please read.

> wipe my ass with. And the reason? Because you insult the
> world by censoring its differences. I am a lesbian satanist.
> Why don't you censor me? 

I never said you should be censored. You obviously didn't read. In fact,
on various areas of my site I link to gay sites as well as atheist sites.
(sorry, don't link to any Satanic sites) But your name calling does show
YOUR intolerance, and thus, hypocrisy.

>What is offensive about my
> preferences? If you could explain to me your logic in a way
> that would make sense to anyone over the age of five, i
> would love to hear it.

Logic would be lost on someone who so totally missed the point of a fairly
simple page. The page was actually against censorship. 

> Otherwise, don't quit your day job,
> because you are a loser. 

Really? At least I am able to read, and don't send out emails like this
prior to understanding the concept of a web page.

This is your life--censoring things
> that don't need to be. Your life is nothing. I bet you're a

I never called for these things to be censored.

> clerk at Kmart or a child molesting priest in a fallen
> congregation. 

LOL!! Yeah - a priest!! You really need to find better ways to
channel your anger. And what if I did work at Kmart? (I don't) But are you
implying that Kmart workers are inferior? What an elitist statement!

>Perhaps i'm wrong, and you're a lawyer or a
> well-payed doctor. 

If you spent 2 seconds reading my page, you'd know that i am a 28 year old
female web designer with two Master's degrees. How scary I am!

> But anyone who wastes time setting up a
> site like this has the intelligence of fecal matter, and

Not my fault that you didn't bother to read the page in full. 

> anyone who actually likes what you've done wallows in it.
> continue what you're doing. it's fun to poke at.
> yggdrasil

And it's amusing to get email like this. I really don't think I'm the
loser in this case.