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The Pet Peeve!!TM

Created by SHADO CREATIVE of Torrington, CT

See the face on the left? You've seen this face - you may have even made this face! It's the look of total exasperation or the condition of being peeved. You've probably heard the expression "Pet Peeve" - we've put a face to that, to sort of personify that feeling.

Some common peeves:
  • Poor customer service
  • Looonnngggg lines
  • Wasted Tax money!
  • Rude people
  • S-l-o-w drivers
  • Inconsiderate bosses
  • Too many items for the express line!
  • Absurd deadlines!
  • High prices

PEEVE \'pev\ n 1: an annoyance 2 : a mood of resentment 3 : a distinctive complaint SYN : annoyance, irritation, nuisance, irritant, bother, aggravation

Everyone has a pet peeve - what's yours? You thought "pet peeves" weren't tangible objects, did you? Well guess what - they are! Our Pet PeeveTM can be displayed as a "personification" of your irritation, or you can punch it or throw it to relieve some of the same. You can even tell your Pet Peeve your problems. Pet Peeves always listen to you, and will still love you, even if you use them as a punching bag to release frustrations :-)

A group of Peeves! If someone is your "pet peeve" mail it to them to let them know in a nice way. They also make great gifts, and they come with a wide variety of hair colors.

In today's world there are more and more aggravations due to stress, anxiety, worries, etc.

The idea for the original Pet PeeveTM was conceived as a result of our total frustration. We thought it would be fun to put a face to this to give it a little "personality"

Also available in a key chain size to make your peeve portable.

How to get your very own Pet Peeve!
Pet Peeves are available for only $7.00 each - that includes shipping and handling!

If you'd like to order your VERY OWN Pet Peeve, just email SHADO CREATIVE and they will send more information on how to order your Peeve(s). If the demand becomes high enough, we will set up an on-line order form.

C'mon - you know you want one!
Peeved that you can't find Beanie Babies? Well, get a Pet Peeve instead!

The Pet Peeve is a copyright © of SHADO CREATIVE

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