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I wish Hate Mailers would at least read what is on my site before sending mail! >:|

To the person who wouldn't bother to leave a valid e-mail for a response:

> I m taking my children to Disney lan

Good for you. Have a great time.

> To be children and have fun.
> I am anti abortion and personally I dont care if people are gay.

Umm... if you *bothered* to read my site you would see that my only
mention of Disney has to do with their treatment of the Powhatan Renape
Nation. See, I work for an Indian Reservation, and I didn't particuarly
like  Disney's attitude towards Native Americans - but you didn't bother
to find that out first, did you?  Perhaps you should go to their web site
(I am the webmaster) and get a little education:


You *didn't* bother to read anything on my web site, did you? If you had, 
you would see that I don't get into any "gay issues" on my site.

 > Dont screw up my kids day for you own self serving political

Oh? And how exactly does my web site interfere with your vacation? Please
be specific. Point out specifically what I have on my site that will
interfere with your vacation.

> Cant you find a better place thna Disneyland. Is it your intent to
> make the Magic Kingdom the Political Kingdom.

What are you talking about? CLUE: READ a web site before sending
e-mail. It's a good thing to do.

> You lose my respect. my support. You are nothing better than a bunch
> of terroists.

And you apparantly don't bother to read things before sending out your
angry e-mail.

> Go anywhere but leave my children alone at Disney land and dont ruin
> their vacation. You will kill you cause and your integrity
> Grow up, let the children be children and have their vacation.

*I* should grow up? Excuse me, but I have no intention of going to
Disneyland, and I think YOU should learn to read before filling my mailbox
with an e-mail that isn't even relevant to my web site.

>Just to give you bad publicity I am going to send this to
>CNN's site  and everyone else I can find.

COOL! Please DO send my web site URL to CNN! PLEASE! I would love the
publicity - my site has already been mentioned in the National Review, the
Washington Post, The Washington Times, and The Atlanta Constitution and
Journal. My Princess Diana on-line ribbon  was shown in People magazine,
and my Mother Teresa on-line ribbon was in written up in Yahoo! Internet
magazine. If I could get coverage on CNN, that would top everything -
especially because if they visit my site *you* will look like
very silly - not me - since your e-mail is not relevant to my web site
because I mention Disney only ONCE and only in relation to the movie
Pocahontas and the Powhatan Renape Nation.

Next time - read first, then send e-mail.

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