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I was "challenged" by this Liberal to post this statement. He said I wouldn't post this because it "makes sense." This is so funny...makes sense? Sounds like more liberal rhetoric to me! Feel free to e-mail him and tell him how rational you think his e-mail is! Oh - he is now upset that I posted this - he says I "baited him" - after he ASKED me to post this. He specifically said, and I quote: "This was an obvious attempt to coheres me in to saying something crazy so you could post it on YOUR site to discredit all other opinions expressed me and any other liberal."
Oh yes! I coerced ("coheresed) him. Just like a typical liberal, he is looking for someone else to blame for his actions. Is this a joke or what? So, if you like, take a peek at his WEB SITE too. But if anyone e-mails him, please be nice. He obviously gets upset easily. :-)

Update - whoops - looks like he's very upset now because someone linked to his page next to a red star. He's upset that people might suggest that his far left politics are in any way similar to communism. :-) You'll see what I mean if you look at his WEB SITE.

Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 13:55:37 -0500
From: Steve Hudnell shudnell@trib.net
Subject: RE: issue

Let just say You right to life people are radicles. This can not be denied (bombing of abortion clinics, killing doctors, threatening of women and doctors) Abortion is a moral personal choice! me, you, or the president of the United States has the does not have the right to to tell anyone what the can and can't do with their own body. (Post this on your site, but of course you won't post any statement that makes sense)

P.s. It's not the Conservative congress that changed things around it just took 5 years to fix all of the harm to the economy that Regan and Bush did.

Mud slinging does include the campaign finance issue, and all that Paula Jones crap you have on your site.

More words of wisdom! He wanted me to post this "great" statement. I was happy to cooperate!

From: Steve Hudnell shudnell@trib.net
Subject: RE: Abortion

Look I don't want people to have abortions either, but it is a personal choice. Maybe if more sex ed was taught, and maybe if contraceptives were more acessible, abortion would not be needed. You can't ban abortion. what you can do is try and make abortion less needed.

P.S. Pro-Choice is a womens rights issue so don't give me that shit about being a male.

I agree, that we need more education, responsibility, and contraceptives - you would know that if you bothered to read my writings. But you didn't bother to read carefully, now did you?

Steve also had this to say about the Republicans:

"You have your party all wrong. And your comment about how the Democrats can raise as much many as they want. No thay can't becuase most of their supporters are poor and minoritys (unlike the Republicans)"

Democrats are all POOR and MINORITIES?! (you're not saying that all minorities are poor - are you Stephen? That's very narrow minded.) Poor. Sure. All the liberals in Hollywood are REALLY poor! I sent him the following to show all the "poor" groups that gave $$ to the Democrats:

This is a list of the top 10 money-raising PACs before the election of 1996 (as of June 30). For all your accusations of the Right being the party of the rich, it's interesting to see that most of the money came from left-wing organizations.

1. Emily's List (Democratic Women) $9.4 million (obviously Democrats)

2. Democratic Republican Independent Voter Education Committee $6.9 million (don't know if this is liberal or conservative)

3. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, $5 million (liberal group)

4. American Medical Association, $3.6 million (liberal)

5. United Auto Workers, $3.6 million (liberal)

6. National Education Association, $3.5 million (extreme left)

7. Association of Trial Lawyers, $3.3 million (left)

8. National Rifle Association, $3.3 million (centrist/right)

9. Dealers Election Action Committee of NADA, $2.6 million (?)

10. Machinistas Nonpartisan Political League, $2.5 million (?)

Gee - looks like most of the BIG MONEY is coming from LEFT WING organizations! And guess what Stephen had to say about this!

"It's not the money it's the groups. The groups you listed are not radical groups like the NRA or the Christian Coalition"

Oh! Ok! So now it's not the $$, but the fact that the $$ isn't coming from sources approved by Stephen!